Friday, April 13, 2012

Mattel Giving False Hope

Is Mattel being disingenuous with their promotion
of the 2012 prop replica  hoverboard. When they first
advertised this, they said it will do everything a hoverboard
does, except glide across water.

They then said, its a prop replica of the hoverboard, it doesn't
hover, but you can glide it over flat services, and it will make
the noises it makes in the movie.

They then started hinting, you have to wait till
2015 until hover technology is invented. They
have even put a copywrite 2015 label on it.

Over at mattycollector, (Mattel's Movie collection
site) they have a question and answer forum. Someone
posed the question. "Are you working on a working
Hoverboard for 2015?"

The answer they got was a bit mean spirited, stating, He
were joking when he had previous written, "seeya in
2015",and they arent working on a Hoverboard, and wont
be, and they won't work on a time machine either.

A month before that,  Joe Bell, (Senior Mattel Toys Electrical
Engineer) was asked "Are you working on a real one for 2015"

Joe replied, " We are working on it but that confidential right now"

IMHO Mattel is trying to get the hopes up of BTTF fans,
by leaving a ray of hope, they know by doing this, Fans
will buy the prop replica, with the hope of the real
thing coming out in 2015.

They should come out and 100% deny that they
are working on one.

Time will tell.

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