Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Post about Hoverboards

Every so often, in my life, I get my hopes up, when Back
to the future 2 came out, I got all excited, thinking, man
they are the most awesome things ever, I gotta get one
when they come out.

Then when a guy I did a course with all those years ago told me,
they will be coming out soon, I was over the moon.

Well that didnt happen, then I saw a tv special on the
making of back to the future 2, and Robert Zemeckis
himself said they were real, but because of parent
groups, they can't be sold yet.

Time passed, and everytime it was shown on TV, it
got me thinking  about it again, hoping, we have the
internet, big screen tvs, cell phones, ipads, but no
Hoverboards. :-(

Then this year Mattel said they are releasing, a Hoverboard,
that will do everything the one in the movie does,
except work on water, I went nuts!!!

Unfortunately Mattel  likes to promise big and deliver
little, it was actually just a prop replica and wouldn't

It didnt help that Scott Neitlich and Joe Bell were very
disingenuous half joking, with statements like "wait till
2015" then when queried, saying they were kidding, but
yet they continue to make the joke, guess they were
trying to boost sales for their prop replica.

So there you have it, hopes get up, hopes get dashed,
sometimes its by people with good intentions like Robert
Zemeckis, sometimes its by idiots like the guy in my
course or corporate business people like Scott Neitlich.

It's a sad day knowing that a Hoverboard will never
be released in your lifetime and it's just a fantasy, a
dream of a dreamer, who saw a movie that he fell
in love with and an idea that seemed unreal. A hoverboard,
as an adult it would've taken me back to my dreams,
my childhood, wondering what's out there over the

Reality is no friend of the dreamer.

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