Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jesse Watters the most Passive Aggressive person on Earth

I normally hate the phrase, Passive Aggressive,  mainly
because it's overused by the liberal/feminist blogosphere
anyone who disagrees in a decent manner on these blogs
gets called this unfairly, imho.

In the case of Fox News's Jesse Watters, it can be used
because he is one of the most passive aggressive jerks the
media has ever produced.

Sure it seems silly to call a ambush reporter, passive aggressive
but it's once he has ambush his victims, his passive aggressive
nature comes out.

He will start out every interview, by smiling sweetly,
even laughing, while asking the most vile nasty questions,
he has even physically stopped people getting away, and
then it's back to the editing room, where he normally always
puts up clips from old hollywood movies to make fun
of his interviewee answers.

Of course his boss Bill O'Reilly has him on after his segment
to feed him questions to make himself look better.

I personally find it hard to watch his style, there is a cruelness
to it, which is not help by his delusion of grandeur and sense
of entitlement, his disrespect to Vice Presidents and Presidents
is beyond belief.

He is not the usual Fox News reporter just trying to push their
own ideology, he has a mean streak to him, and the fact that
he tries to come across as a nice guy, while being cruel, is all
the more creepy.

I guess that is the word I was looking for after all.


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