Monday, April 2, 2012

How Fox News Jesse Watters Distorts and Edits

Fox News recently aired a piece by master manipulator
Jesse Watters at the reason rally, the piece that Fox news
aired differed from the actual interview.

Fox News edited the piece to make the people  look
like nutcases, adding cuts from old hollywood movies
for humor.  The clip that air can be found at Fox
News, this is the actual unedited clip which shows
the interviewee to be smart, thoughtful and respectful.

Which makes a mockery of Jesse Watters telling O'Reilly
he was heckled and not treated right.

The poster who uploaded the video to youtube got it
right when they said...

"Watters will literally atomize the
 interviews - pulling a word here
and a sentence there, inter-cut 

with comedy or horror films
 clips for editorial emphasis. 

The final piece will not
necessary reflect the intent 

of any of those  interviewed, but
 rather Watters  impression  on the
 issue, within the  bounds of O'Reilly and
 Fox News editorial policy."

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