Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hoverboards Hoverboards Hoverboards

Those that have read this blog over the past few days
or have gone to my twitter thing, may have noticed a
slight obsession.

This obsession started with the release of back to the
Future 2, but it was not only the release of the movie,
but the making of it tv special.

After seeing the movie, over 20 years ago, I was like
"Oh wow, I hope Im still alive to see those hoverboards
get invented"

Then I saw the tv special on the making of the movie, and
the film's director's Robert Zemeckis's comments, that the
Hoverboards are real and the only reason they weren't
made for public sale, was safety issues.

My hopes skyrocketed, I thought, YEHAAA!!! I'm going
get a hoverboard in a few years. Well when it came out
that they were joking, my heart was broken.

Years went, still hoping one day out of the blue, that
someone will invent one of these things for sale.

Fast forwarded over 20 years and now Mattel
announced they will release a prop replica this
year and a real working one in 2015.

I went nuts, I couldn't believe it,  I searched
the web for every interview, and found interviews
with Mattel people who were saying it's confidential and such.

Only to have my heart broken again, by someone from
Mattel saying they are joking about the real one.

Is this some sort of cruel life long joke on lovers of
the hoverboard from back to the future 2.

How can they do this? As I said in another post, every
scientific webpage is saying, Not in our lifetime.

But freakin Mattel goes and put the idea in my
head again.

There are going to be a ton of back to the
future fans at comic con in july, hoping
against hope, hoping that it's not a joke,
hoping that the Hoverboard will be real for 2015.

IMHO this is what Mattel is hoping, to make
money off of kids dreams and big kids dreams.

Back to the future trilogy has to be the greatest
trilogy in movie history and the hoverboard is
a big part of it. To own a prop replica will
be so cool for fans of the movie, but it will
be bittersweet, because as you look at it, one
thought will be going through your mind...

What if it was real?


Sarah MacAdams said...

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