Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey Geeks, IT and Sci fi people, a Hoverboard please

Thanks for inventing the internet, and computer games,
and cell phones, and ipads and iphones and ipods, I
really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the cool stuff, from the bottom of my heart,
but hey there is one thing you guys can do to make
myself and all the kids and big kids out there, happy.

Invent a hoverboard.

Don't worry about jetpacks, or flying cars or even time
machines or teleportation units. Don't worry about faster
internet, or even cheaper fuel or alternative energy.

It's a  hoverboard I want, the world wants, everybody wants.

So how about it, how about putting your collective brains to

The world will be grateful.

I would be grateful.


Is that too much to ask from life?

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