Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Scott, Mattel Sinks after bad first Quarter

It seems it wasn't a good idea for Mattel to buy Hit
Entertainment, I guess they were thinking, we have
the rights, we can produce more cheap Bob the Builder
toys and Thomas the Tank Engineer toys and make a huge

Well at a cost of $680 million, the Market says no, also
Mattel's barbie dolls just haven't been selling. Mattel's
share price has drop 7.7% in one day.

It doesn't look good for Mattel IMHO, with their
marketing manager getting people's hopes up and
then dashing them with the Hoverboard, (it's only
a replica) and now these first quarter result, they
have lot of thinking to do.

I'm not a share broker, this post was just my opinion, 
do your own research if your looking into buying into

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