Sunday, April 15, 2012

Could Mattel's 2012 Hoverboard replica been made in 1989

Thats the question people have to ask themselves now
in 2012.

This prop replica could've been made in 1989, it is
just plastic with Im guessing a sound card in it, to make
the whooshing noises.

They are 23 years too late. As for the high end price, for
what must be just $10-20 dollars worth of materials, well
that is crazy.

I believe Mattel has got this all wrong, there is going to be
a negative backlash. In 1989 this would of been brilliant
in 2012, its going to be heartbreaking.

People thought the future arrived three years early, but
with Mattel it anit even going to arrive on time in 2015.

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