Sunday, April 15, 2012

And NASA can't wash it's hands for lack of Hoverboards

While I have been ripping on the $5.6 Billion dollar
company  Mattel, for not producing real working Hoverboards,
how about  we talk about NASA.

The space technology people, the people who put a man
on the moon, and have been sending people into space
ever since, have yet to come up with a Hoverboard.

Now, perhaps I shouldn't be too angry, they have other
things on their minds, like fu*kin algae , yes NASA is
spending $10 Million dollars on mother Fu*in Algae,
and not the Algae itself, but the bags to put Algae in.

What the hell is wrong with this anti hoverboard society?

First Robert Zemeckis lies to us in 1989, then Mattel lies
and gets our hopes up, now NASA the people who
could do this thing, is spending it's money on bags
for Algae.

What the hell has happen to the future????

This is not what I thought when I was a kid.

A word to the geeks and tech people and billion
dollar companies.

A hoverboard is what we want, is that too much to
ask in 2012?

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