Monday, April 30, 2012

Boy Racers Are Disrespectful

Sure, you are giving your friend a sendoff that
he would've wanted. But not at the graveyard

How about showing the other families who
were saying goodbye to their love ones.

This was very disrespectful to those families.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This would be cool

Although it would be hard to do.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


To all those that sacrificed.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Steve "The Liar" Doocy

Make no mistake about it, it wasn't a mistake
by Steve Doocy or Fox News it was a deliberate
attempt to mislead it's viewers,  and it's going to
get worse.

You don't mix up "Someone gave me an education" with
"Unlike some people"

Of course Steve Doocy is going to lie about this when he
addresses the issue on Fox and Friends, he would've time
to think about the answer he is going to give.

He will also attempt to turn it around and blame the
liberal media, all the while, he will be smirking like
Jesse Watters.

I wish  people would've integrity, I doubt Steve
Doocy ever will.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Scott, Poll results are in

And 50% of people, don't think there will be Hoverboards
in our lifetime. 30% reckon we will have Hoverboards in
2040. 10% think we will have Hoverboards in 2020 and
the other 10% think we will have have hoverboards by 2015.

I hope 50% of the people are wrong.

Time will tell.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What is the correct Answer

Jesse "The Flopper" Wagstaff

He is not a thinking, he is a flopper, Jesse "The Flopper"
Wagstaff, flopped his team to a victory against the
NZ Breakers, last night.

Here's hoping the refs, will be up to his cheating
tactics in game three, the final game of the finals.

Go The Breakers.

Friday, April 20, 2012

You earn a Doctorate

You should earn a Doctorate the hard way.

Too except one, when you haven't earned it, is

Dr Peter Snell earned his.

Modern Family Tender moment

Haven't been able to review the last couple of episodes
of Modern Family, lets just say, they have both been
very tender indeed.

8/10 for both episodes.

Best and most understated scene would've to be
Phil writing Alex's initial on the moon sign outside
the cafe.

Lovely moment.

The Office dies (season nine to have new cast)

Well as Predicted during season eight of the Office, The
Office as we know it has died.

The show will become the Catherine Tate show, with the
rest of season eight to revolve around her, and new cast
members bought in, for season nine to revolve around her
comic style.

Thanks for a wonderful seven and  a half seasons, it
was nice while it lasted, but now the office has morphed
into something else.

And it anit good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Post about Hoverboards

Every so often, in my life, I get my hopes up, when Back
to the future 2 came out, I got all excited, thinking, man
they are the most awesome things ever, I gotta get one
when they come out.

Then when a guy I did a course with all those years ago told me,
they will be coming out soon, I was over the moon.

Well that didnt happen, then I saw a tv special on the
making of back to the future 2, and Robert Zemeckis
himself said they were real, but because of parent
groups, they can't be sold yet.

Time passed, and everytime it was shown on TV, it
got me thinking  about it again, hoping, we have the
internet, big screen tvs, cell phones, ipads, but no
Hoverboards. :-(

Then this year Mattel said they are releasing, a Hoverboard,
that will do everything the one in the movie does,
except work on water, I went nuts!!!

Unfortunately Mattel  likes to promise big and deliver
little, it was actually just a prop replica and wouldn't

It didnt help that Scott Neitlich and Joe Bell were very
disingenuous half joking, with statements like "wait till
2015" then when queried, saying they were kidding, but
yet they continue to make the joke, guess they were
trying to boost sales for their prop replica.

So there you have it, hopes get up, hopes get dashed,
sometimes its by people with good intentions like Robert
Zemeckis, sometimes its by idiots like the guy in my
course or corporate business people like Scott Neitlich.

It's a sad day knowing that a Hoverboard will never
be released in your lifetime and it's just a fantasy, a
dream of a dreamer, who saw a movie that he fell
in love with and an idea that seemed unreal. A hoverboard,
as an adult it would've taken me back to my dreams,
my childhood, wondering what's out there over the

Reality is no friend of the dreamer.

Great Scott, Mattel Sinks after bad first Quarter

It seems it wasn't a good idea for Mattel to buy Hit
Entertainment, I guess they were thinking, we have
the rights, we can produce more cheap Bob the Builder
toys and Thomas the Tank Engineer toys and make a huge

Well at a cost of $680 million, the Market says no, also
Mattel's barbie dolls just haven't been selling. Mattel's
share price has drop 7.7% in one day.

It doesn't look good for Mattel IMHO, with their
marketing manager getting people's hopes up and
then dashing them with the Hoverboard, (it's only
a replica) and now these first quarter result, they
have lot of thinking to do.

I'm not a share broker, this post was just my opinion, 
do your own research if your looking into buying into

Scott Neitlich is ruining Little and Big kids dreams

Scott Neitlich (the one in glasses) is surly the worst
person on earth at the moment, not counting criminals.

Scott Neitlich is the man who has destroyed little and
big kids dreams, he's the one who is making sure that
Billion dollar companies, spent fu*k all on product
 but but spend millions  on marketing something
 as great and  a must have product, when it
 fact its a cheap piece of sh*t.

You see, Scott Neitlich is the one who is destroying the chance of
real hoverboards begining  created.

Scott Neitlich is a marketing manager for Mattel, he goes
to events like comic con, pretending to be a fan of all
things geeky.

He is in charge of promoting the prop replica hoverboard.

As said before in this blog, if it was 1989, it may of been
a great idea, but in 2012 it's not.

If Scott was the big back to the future fan he says he is, if
he was truly a geek nerd, he would've been screaming
at every head office meeting at Mattel saying "We need
to make a real one somehow" he would've said  "We
are the third biggest company on earth, worth billions
and billions, we need to stop treating the consumer like
crap, by producing plastic barbies."

But no, alas, he doesnt, he is there to make money for
his company, he will go out of his way talking to young
science people, telling them you cant do a hoverboard,
dont even try, in the hope us hoverboards  lovers, will be
satisfied  with his plastic piece of crap at $120 dollars.

He has made a lot of money, by teasing, by joking
and giving people false hope, making people think,
maybe just maybe if i buy a replica they will make a
real one.

He's one of the reason, there are no hoverboards now,
if a hoverboard was going to be invented it will be by
a multi billion dollar company, like Mattel, except
Scott Neitlich doesn't want this, it's too hard, and
Scott Neitlich doesn't give a fu*k, a real back to
the future fan would.


Monday, April 16, 2012

October 21st 2015


In the movies.

In real life?

As for me, I just want a Hoverboard

I don't want  a flash car, or a hot woman by my side,
I don't want a huge house, with a huge swimming pool,
I don't want  a million dollars, I don't want a million hits,
I don't want to be famous, I don't want to be on a reality
show, I don't want to live to be 120.

I've  been good, I ate my veges, I've  been nice to people,
I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't get into fights, I judge
people by who they are and not their race or religion.

All I ask in return, is a hoverboard.

So how about it? How about a Hoverboard for the
dreamers or the world, the people who don't want to
grow up, the people who want to be reminded of
their childhood and teenage years, when anything was

Can a Hoverboard be possible in 2012?

Will it ever be possible?

Not asking to go to the Moon, or even in Richard
Branson's rocket, just a Hoverboard.

One day, Roger Finch, One day.

Just a Nerd that is upset there is no Hoverboards

Woke up today and still no Hoverboards.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to the Future 2 and those Hoverboards

TV station here had back to the future 2 on, what an amazing
movie in every sense of the word. How everything is put
together, just simply memorizes me, just blows me away.

All the back to the future movies are movie magic,
they are what summer blockbusters and going to the
movie should be.

Everyone in these movies can be proud of what they
have achieved and what they created.

Then those hoverboards, out of everything that came
out of those movies, that is the one gadget, people
wanted most and still want.

Movies aren't reality, they are fantasy and there
is a difference between fantasy and reality.

The hoverboard lovers of the world can only
hope that one day, that fantasy does become

Time will tell.

Hey Geeks, IT and Sci fi people, a Hoverboard please

Thanks for inventing the internet, and computer games,
and cell phones, and ipads and iphones and ipods, I
really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the cool stuff, from the bottom of my heart,
but hey there is one thing you guys can do to make
myself and all the kids and big kids out there, happy.

Invent a hoverboard.

Don't worry about jetpacks, or flying cars or even time
machines or teleportation units. Don't worry about faster
internet, or even cheaper fuel or alternative energy.

It's a  hoverboard I want, the world wants, everybody wants.

So how about it, how about putting your collective brains to

The world will be grateful.

I would be grateful.


Is that too much to ask from life?

And NASA can't wash it's hands for lack of Hoverboards

While I have been ripping on the $5.6 Billion dollar
company  Mattel, for not producing real working Hoverboards,
how about  we talk about NASA.

The space technology people, the people who put a man
on the moon, and have been sending people into space
ever since, have yet to come up with a Hoverboard.

Now, perhaps I shouldn't be too angry, they have other
things on their minds, like fu*kin algae , yes NASA is
spending $10 Million dollars on mother Fu*in Algae,
and not the Algae itself, but the bags to put Algae in.

What the hell is wrong with this anti hoverboard society?

First Robert Zemeckis lies to us in 1989, then Mattel lies
and gets our hopes up, now NASA the people who
could do this thing, is spending it's money on bags
for Algae.

What the hell has happen to the future????

This is not what I thought when I was a kid.

A word to the geeks and tech people and billion
dollar companies.

A hoverboard is what we want, is that too much to
ask in 2012?

Could Mattel's 2012 Hoverboard replica been made in 1989

Thats the question people have to ask themselves now
in 2012.

This prop replica could've been made in 1989, it is
just plastic with Im guessing a sound card in it, to make
the whooshing noises.

They are 23 years too late. As for the high end price, for
what must be just $10-20 dollars worth of materials, well
that is crazy.

I believe Mattel has got this all wrong, there is going to be
a negative backlash. In 1989 this would of been brilliant
in 2012, its going to be heartbreaking.

People thought the future arrived three years early, but
with Mattel it anit even going to arrive on time in 2015.

Mattel and their prop replica hoverboard

Yes, yet another post about hoverboards!

Mattel should've done this in 1989 when the movie
came out.

Perhaps the movie prop replica market wasn't big then?

It would've been a huge seller, every little kid would've
wanted one, and then they would start dreaming, way
back in 1989, thinking one day , they're  going to make
real ones.

IMHO it would've been the biggest seller of the year.

Now that we are in the future, a prop replica of a
hoverboard, will come with a tinge of disappointment,
sure it will be cool to own one, and the collectors will
love it, but the dream will probably be gone, most of
the fans who buy it will probably be in their 30's to 50's
and they will be thinking, "If only it worked" We won't
be looking ahead, because the future is now, there will
be a sadness with it.

Again Robert Zemeckis and Mattel maybe should've thought
twice about what they did.

If Zemeckis didn't make that fake statement all those years
ago, if Mattel wasnt vague in their marketing with the hoverboard
in February and March, if they  had actually released this in 1989, all
would be fine, and no one would be upset
that there is no real hoverboards.

But because it has come back as a prop in 2012, it brings
back all those memories and dreams of kids and
big kids everywhere, and sends us all to reality.

And sometimes reality sucks.

But all dreamers have hope.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hoverboards Hoverboards Hoverboards

Those that have read this blog over the past few days
or have gone to my twitter thing, may have noticed a
slight obsession.

This obsession started with the release of back to the
Future 2, but it was not only the release of the movie,
but the making of it tv special.

After seeing the movie, over 20 years ago, I was like
"Oh wow, I hope Im still alive to see those hoverboards
get invented"

Then I saw the tv special on the making of the movie, and
the film's director's Robert Zemeckis's comments, that the
Hoverboards are real and the only reason they weren't
made for public sale, was safety issues.

My hopes skyrocketed, I thought, YEHAAA!!! I'm going
get a hoverboard in a few years. Well when it came out
that they were joking, my heart was broken.

Years went, still hoping one day out of the blue, that
someone will invent one of these things for sale.

Fast forwarded over 20 years and now Mattel
announced they will release a prop replica this
year and a real working one in 2015.

I went nuts, I couldn't believe it,  I searched
the web for every interview, and found interviews
with Mattel people who were saying it's confidential and such.

Only to have my heart broken again, by someone from
Mattel saying they are joking about the real one.

Is this some sort of cruel life long joke on lovers of
the hoverboard from back to the future 2.

How can they do this? As I said in another post, every
scientific webpage is saying, Not in our lifetime.

But freakin Mattel goes and put the idea in my
head again.

There are going to be a ton of back to the
future fans at comic con in july, hoping
against hope, hoping that it's not a joke,
hoping that the Hoverboard will be real for 2015.

IMHO this is what Mattel is hoping, to make
money off of kids dreams and big kids dreams.

Back to the future trilogy has to be the greatest
trilogy in movie history and the hoverboard is
a big part of it. To own a prop replica will
be so cool for fans of the movie, but it will
be bittersweet, because as you look at it, one
thought will be going through your mind...

What if it was real?

Mattel Hoverboard's a slap in the face

Mattel's Hoverboard promotion is a slap
in the face to all the fanboys, to all the
geeks, to the science people, to all the
Quantum physics people and to everybody
who have loved the Back to the future movies
and have wanted a hoverboard for over
20 years.

They have a percentage of fans believing
that maybe, just maybe, they are working
on a real Hoverboard for 2015, as
stated in a pervious post, they have been
disingenuous in their promotion.

When asked on various forums, saying no,
but in the media half joking saying, sure its
top secret and confidential.

Now the average back to the future fan
has wanted a hoverboard for so long, they
will take this as false hope, they will order the
replica, hoping that this will push Mattel forward
into developing a real one for 2015, and this
is what Mattel wants.

Well the bad news is there will be no hoverboard
in 2015 from Mattel or anyone, Quantum physics
is just not that advance, and Mattel knows this.

Seriously we will land on Mars first, for anyone reading this
blog now in 2012, I can tell you there will be no hoverboard
 in our lifetime, we are simply not that far advanced.

Like all fans I was hopeful, but after research of
science pages on the web, I can tell you again, there will
be no Hoverboards in our lifetime.

You see Mattel's MO is producing the cheapest
product possible (eg Plastic barbie dolls) and
then selling it at a huge mark up while promoting
it as something special.  You don't become a
$5.6 Billion dollar company by having high running

The average fan doesn't know better, they are
thinking, man a real hoverboard in three years

Mattel is preying on us fans, they need to stop
the joking, they need to go to comic con, they
need to release a press statement and tell people

"We are not working on a real hoverboard,
 never have been  and never will be"

Instead of half joking to the public that , maybe, just

Shame on Mattel, shame for the fans, that in the year
2012 they have to spend $150 dollars on something
they could've made in their garage in 1985, or 1955
for that matter.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mattel Giving False Hope

Is Mattel being disingenuous with their promotion
of the 2012 prop replica  hoverboard. When they first
advertised this, they said it will do everything a hoverboard
does, except glide across water.

They then said, its a prop replica of the hoverboard, it doesn't
hover, but you can glide it over flat services, and it will make
the noises it makes in the movie.

They then started hinting, you have to wait till
2015 until hover technology is invented. They
have even put a copywrite 2015 label on it.

Over at mattycollector, (Mattel's Movie collection
site) they have a question and answer forum. Someone
posed the question. "Are you working on a working
Hoverboard for 2015?"

The answer they got was a bit mean spirited, stating, He
were joking when he had previous written, "seeya in
2015",and they arent working on a Hoverboard, and wont
be, and they won't work on a time machine either.

A month before that,  Joe Bell, (Senior Mattel Toys Electrical
Engineer) was asked "Are you working on a real one for 2015"

Joe replied, " We are working on it but that confidential right now"

IMHO Mattel is trying to get the hopes up of BTTF fans,
by leaving a ray of hope, they know by doing this, Fans
will buy the prop replica, with the hope of the real
thing coming out in 2015.

They should come out and 100% deny that they
are working on one.

Time will tell.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoverboard replica and just maybe in November

Back to the Future

The local tv station, just played Back to the Future, this
is what a blockbuster should be, a timeless classic, great
characters, some special effects, a unique story line with
heart and soul.

So, Hollywood, you dont need to spend 800 million on four
movies about fighting robots with a ton of CGI.

Just do what Back to the future did, and make something
special that generation after generation will care about.

Back to the Future still one of the great movies of all time.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why are people Jerks?

About a couple of years ago there was a prank
called coneing, it involved going to a fast food
window, buying a ice cream, and when its passed
to you, grabbing it by the ice cream, thus making
a mess, over the worker and the restaurant wall,
the people who do this are mostly aged between
the ages of 16-20.

The past couple of years, this unfunny stunt has gotton
more sinister has progressed  to, these jerks throwing
their drinks at the fast food worker, countless of videos
on youtube, shows young female workers getting oj/milk
shakes,coke etc etc thrown at them, while the males in
the care crack up laughing.

I have not put the worse video up of a frightened young
lady, but this video gives you some idea.

It may seem harmless, but IMHO its mean and cruel.

So can someone please explain to me, why are people,

Monday, April 2, 2012

How Fox News Jesse Watters Distorts and Edits

Fox News recently aired a piece by master manipulator
Jesse Watters at the reason rally, the piece that Fox news
aired differed from the actual interview.

Fox News edited the piece to make the people  look
like nutcases, adding cuts from old hollywood movies
for humor.  The clip that air can be found at Fox
News, this is the actual unedited clip which shows
the interviewee to be smart, thoughtful and respectful.

Which makes a mockery of Jesse Watters telling O'Reilly
he was heckled and not treated right.

The poster who uploaded the video to youtube got it
right when they said...

"Watters will literally atomize the
 interviews - pulling a word here
and a sentence there, inter-cut 

with comedy or horror films
 clips for editorial emphasis. 

The final piece will not
necessary reflect the intent 

of any of those  interviewed, but
 rather Watters  impression  on the
 issue, within the  bounds of O'Reilly and
 Fox News editorial policy."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jesse Watters the most Passive Aggressive person on Earth

I normally hate the phrase, Passive Aggressive,  mainly
because it's overused by the liberal/feminist blogosphere
anyone who disagrees in a decent manner on these blogs
gets called this unfairly, imho.

In the case of Fox News's Jesse Watters, it can be used
because he is one of the most passive aggressive jerks the
media has ever produced.

Sure it seems silly to call a ambush reporter, passive aggressive
but it's once he has ambush his victims, his passive aggressive
nature comes out.

He will start out every interview, by smiling sweetly,
even laughing, while asking the most vile nasty questions,
he has even physically stopped people getting away, and
then it's back to the editing room, where he normally always
puts up clips from old hollywood movies to make fun
of his interviewee answers.

Of course his boss Bill O'Reilly has him on after his segment
to feed him questions to make himself look better.

I personally find it hard to watch his style, there is a cruelness
to it, which is not help by his delusion of grandeur and sense
of entitlement, his disrespect to Vice Presidents and Presidents
is beyond belief.

He is not the usual Fox News reporter just trying to push their
own ideology, he has a mean streak to him, and the fact that
he tries to come across as a nice guy, while being cruel, is all
the more creepy.

I guess that is the word I was looking for after all.