Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I wont join a union

I'm sure there are some unions around the country that
do work, the union that looks after fast food workers, the
union that looks after, aged carers, the union that looks
after cleaners.

The reason I wont ever join a union is I like things to be
my choice, I don't like to be threatened, I dont like to
be called nasty names, I don't ever want to be part
of something that members would partake in that

I wouldn't want people with political ideologies to
show up to a dispute, why would the New Zealand
socialist party or long time activist get involved in
my old workplace, when it's got nothing to do
with them.

Life is about choice, and if anyone wants to join
a union they should be allowed to and no employer
should stop them.

Likewise, if anyone doesn't want to join a union, it
it should be choice, and they shouldn't have to put up
with threats from anybody or anyone.

That doesn't seem to be happening at the moment,
and IMHO the country is worst off for it.

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