Saturday, March 10, 2012

TVNZ Asks David Bain Awkward Question

And stuff's webpage got it right, he seemed
to be in pain.

David was asked point blankly by a TVNZ reporter,
"Did you kill your family?" Boy if looks could kill,
their will be an opening at TVNZ.

Bain just sat there and said nothing, his lawyer said
this is been answered many times, David didn't say
NO, during the interview.

TVNZ also asked him, about his father and why does
David still think a lot of him, since Bain's Lawyer claims
he was the murderer, again, Joe interrupted and answered
for Bain.

I guess when you are going for compensation, any answer
may effect that, so you let your Lawyer do the talking.

The country is still split, he was originally found guilty and
spent a long time in jail, during the retrial he was found not
guilty. Now He has to prove it was his dad that did it to
get compensation.

That may prove harder.

Time well tell.

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