Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tommy Jordan "The Today Show" and Unanswered Questions

Tommy Jordan went on NBC's The Today
Show and was treated like a Republican
politician on Fox News. Again the media
refused to ask the most important questions,
questions that Tommy Jordan doesn't answer
on his blog or facebook page, questions that
need to be asked because there is a somewhat
creepy element to some of his actions.

First to the interview, it went how Tommy would've
wanted it, he had control, his daughter Hannah sat
there quiet.

The three most disturbing parts of the interview, was for how
much of the interview, Tommy and his wife sat
there holding hands, facing each other, in agreement
while Hannah was left isolated with no apparent
support. It was like siblings ganging up on each
other and not parents.

Another was when Tommy Jordan was asked to
describe his daughter, he rattled off a few things
like smart, intelligent, but left out what a insecure
teenage girl wants to hear, beautiful, pretty.

The third and telling thing was when Tommy pulled
Hannah's hard drive out of his pocket and gave it
back to her, she showed no emotion at this at all,
which showed quite the hold he had over her.

But it was the unanswered questions that need to
be answered which is the most disturbing thing about the
whole matter, if you try asking this on his facebook page
or blog, you get called a stalker by him and all
names by his supporters.

When Tommy Jordan reads his daughter messages, doesn't
he find it quite disturbing that he is reading messages from
her friends (not his daughter) to his daughter, these messages
may be personal stuff,  stuff that is in no way harmful to
his daughter.

It could be harmless girly teenage stuff like "Oh hes a good
kisser, he is cute" etc etc etc, but he reads on? Does he feel
comfortable reading stuff like that, from someone that isnt his
daughter, another girls message may contain personal
feelings, information that is not meant for his eyes.

It could be a secret that they are embarrassed about and only
want to share with Hannah, and here is this grown man
reading it, and he appears to have no issue with invading
the privacy of someone that is not his daughter. (I agree
100% that he is not doing this for pervy reasons, so no
more threats of legal shield, please from his supporters)

I would also like to know what the parents of Hannah's
friends think about this grown man reading their daughter
messages to Hannah, I would be horrified.

These questions weren't asked by the media and don't
get answered by Tommy.

I said in a previous post this will be my final say on the
subject, but I had to write just one more post, I will no longer
go to his facebook page or his blog,  Idon't want to make this
guy money. I will just leave it with one final thought/question.

Tommy Jordan, do you feel it's okay to read messages from
teenage girls that are sent to your daughter, that will cause no
harm to your daughter, but may contain personal information
about that person.

I would feel creepy.

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Anonymous said...

When you post something on facebook,ect. it is out there on the World Wide Web for everyone in the WORLD to READ. This also means that it is out there forever, it is out there even if you delete it from our page. Scary right?!?