Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tommy Jordan is trying to shut people up

So let me get this right. Tommy Jordan
doesn't want media attention, and he wants
to live his life in peace, yet he is promoting
his apperance on The Today show on his
facebook page and Blog, and now he also
is having  a newsletter which you can subscribe
too via his blog.

This guy has also gone out of his way, to shut up
his critics, he has a team of lawyers under Legal
Shield, to shut down pages that may use his
video or say things about him he deems to be

Just today he has asked his facebook followers to
report people's facebook accounts that leave
vulgar messages on his page, and goes on to
say, if a 100 people report an account it will
be deleted.

So it would appear this control freak is now trying to
control the internet stories about him, sure he says,
don't report people who are disagreeing with me, just
report the vulgar ones, but as he has already stated, if
his  followers decide to report someone, its
more than likely they will lose their account.

That's very passive aggressive, Mr Tommy Jordan.

This is what bullies do, they get people behind them,
and if they cant scare his critics, he will find another
way to make them lose their voice.

I guess I should've titled this blog post, Never say

I just honesty think you should stand up to the bullies
of the world, and IMHO Tommy Jordan is one.

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