Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please Retire Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is coming in a new movie in  August,
called "That's my Boy"

He plays a dad, who needs to borrow money from
his rich adult son, to pay back taxes so he doesn't
go to jail.

He of course had this kid when he was 13 after an
affair with his teacher.

I looked at the trailer and it looks like every single
Adam Sandler movie there has ever been.

In fact it looks cringe worthy, could this be it for
Mr Adam Sandler, that's my boy is already the
front runner for worst movie of the decade and
the worst movie of his career.

Why does Sandler feel the need to keep making
this BS, he doesn't need the money and he is
doing nothing new, but yet each year, the movie
going public are stuck with another piece of
junk that will make millions and millions.

Surly he is embarrassed?

Isn't he?


Anonymous said...

"Surly he is embarrassed?"

No just rich.

Brett Dale said...

So why does he keep making this BS, he doesn't need the money?