Friday, March 23, 2012

The Office to Close Season Nine?

It would appear that The Office will close in season
nine, if they get a ninth season.

With the characters, Robert California  and Kelly
leaving at the end of season eight and the characters
 Toby, Dwight, Jim and Andy set to leave during season nine,
we can come to the conclusion that the office will shut
in season nine.

Here's hoping they will spend season nine saying
goodbye to these much loved characters, IMHO
that is what season nine should be about.

They have hinted this will happen with the characters
leaving at different parts of season nine.

Unfortunately, they have also hinted at having season
nine going the other way and   focusing on one or
two new characters.

Not only will that be a disaster, but a complete slap
in the face to the loyal fans who have invested so
so much time, eights years into their favorite

Lets hope the producers and writers forget thier
current passion for Catherine Tate's character,
and reflect in season nine , on the previous eight years,
these characters deserve a wonderful sendoff, lets
hope they get one.

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