Friday, March 9, 2012

The Office: Review "Last day in Florida" 8:18

The latest episode of The Office, Last day in Florida, was
a huge improvement over the past several weeks.

The side story was funny with Darryl and Toby both
vying for Kevin's business, they were selling cookies
for their daughters. I liked that wimpy Toby stood up
for himself for the first time, and also how the tables
were turned on Kevin having to kiss Meredith.

The other side story should have its conclusion next
week as Andy goes to Florida to bring back Erin.

The main story line revolved around Jim trying to
convince Dwight that Robert California is going
to fire him, their hallway fight was freakin funny,
and it was great that Todd Packer had to do
the presentation and ended up being fired and
not Dwight.

Which comes to my big big hope for the series,
its all over the internet that Dwight is leaving the
series at the end of this season, and there have
been a couple of somewhat tender moments between
Dwight and Jim, I sincerely hope that Dwight's final
scene with Jim is a good one, I hope the writers don't
have Dwight acting like an idiot and leave it as that.

Dwight and Jim don't have to be  overly sentimental
but this is a TV relationship that deserves an awe moment,
handled perfectly it could be amazing, remember these guys
have worked with each other for so long, I want something
special from the goodbye scene while remaining true to the

I guess we well have to wait and see, as for tonight's, a solid

Well done to the office.

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