Thursday, March 1, 2012


You guessed it, yes indeed, the latest Modern Family
episode titled "Leap Day" gets ten out of ten for being
beautifully funny and at sometimes freaky.

The episode revolves around Leap day, and Cam's birthday
that falls on Leap Day. So according to Cam he's actually only

Mitch had planned a Wizard of Oz theme,  but then came to the
conclusion that a theme about a  movie with a Tornado in it,
wouldn't be right, because Cam's family farm had been hit by
one. So he plans a boat ride instead for the family.

The other story line was Phil and Luke trying to get out
the house, while, Claire, Alex and Haley were on their
monthly cycle.

That probably had tonight's episode biggest laugh and
one of the best visuals laughs of all time, when Phil got
Luke to put some fake blood on a finger and he would
pretend to rush him to the doctor, when in fact they
were going trapezing, (which was the original plan for
the whole family,) unfortunately Luke got the fake blood all
over him, and the girls and Claire freaked, (it looked like
something out of a horror movie) Everybody played it
so well.

The third story wasn't that major and revolved about Jay
thinking Gloria wants a man that fights.

I dont want to give too much away, but Mitch figures out
that Cam just wants a birthday of a ten year old.

Lovely, beautiful, freaky, funny, Modern Family is
without a doubt the best program on TV.

Well done to the writers/producers/directors and
most all the actors.

Ten out of ten for Leap day.

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