Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jesse Ryder Dropped for Drinking

(Update3 : despite earlier reports that Jesse Ryder
had been completely dropped from the New Zealand
cricket team, NZC has confirmed it's just the third one
dayer that he and Doug Bracewell wont be considered

(UPDATE2: NZC states they have a non drinking
policy for players recovering from injury)

(Update: It would appear both Jesse Ryder and Doug
Bracewell wont be considered for selection for the
third one dayer, after consuming alcohol and then verbally
abusing a member of the public, it is unclear, if Ryder is
dropped fully from the team and not just the one dayer, earlier
reports had Jesse Ryder dropped from the team completly)


Jesse Ryder has been dropped from the
Blackcaps, the New Zealand cricket team.

New Zealand cricket has said he was dropped
for breaking a pledge saying he would give up

According to the media, after last night's heavy
lost to South Africa, he went out with friends and
had a heavy drinking session,  management of the
Blackcaps were furious and have dropped him.

Here's hoping he will get the help he needs, but
if can't be as a professional cricketer, he was
given more chances than any other cricketer
in history and never took those chances.

I wish him well for his new career, what ever
that might be.

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