Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jamaica 3 New Zealand 2

So a loss for New Zealand, in their friendly  football
match against Jamaica, 3-2. A great game
though and a wonderful effort, two penalties
that weren't given to NZ  by the ref, didn't help.

The New Zealand team known as "The All Whites"
(the team colours, despite wearing black for this match)
were unlucky to lose and could've well taken the game
out, they had flown from their professional clubs
from all parts of the Globe, the USA, England, Australia,
and just had one training one and 24 hours to get over
jet lag.

IMHO things are looking good for when they start
their world cup qualifying campaign  in June. So
many young players, and have we found  a star
in Rojas???

Time will tell and Fingers are crossed.

Roll on 2014.

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