Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Feminism Part Two

In 2010 I did a piece on the Hypocrisy
of Feminism.

It was mainly written because of one Blogger,
who called herself a writer, (even though she had
never been published),  she would be abusive, aggressive
but would go nuts if anyone dare decide to have
their say and disagreed with her, yes Boganette,
that was your behavior, although the piece I
wrote wasn't about her.

Now it comes to my second piece on what I see as
hypocritical behavior from the blog "The Hand Mirror"

In the past, I have given The Hand Mirror high praise, especially
for their support of gay rights, and the same sex
marriage issue.

They have also been huge in saying, "not speaking out
against bigotry or violence is always wrong."

They have taken part and rightly so, in petitions to get
Paul Henry and Murray Deaker fired.

So it was quite a surprise that there is dead silence from
the Hand Mirror writers over Willie Jackson advocating
violence against non union workers, even the brilliant Julie,
just wrote, the writers don't have the time or resources or
don't have to write what they don't want to, so much for
the "not speaking out  is wrong" mantra.

Today it has also been revealed, that Garry Parsloe has
been verbally abusing non union female workers, again
silence from the hand mirror.

I started this blog in 2008 because I saw and hated hypocrisy,
I hate every form of it, The Standard
(extreme left website) are experts  at it, Fox News is
experts at it, now it would seem, so is The Hand Mirror.

This is a huge shame, because their writers do a lot of
good work, and it's always a  good read, but Im afraid,
I don't think I can go back to their site, for their failure to
speak out, I guess this is a case of people
like John Minto and Annette Skyes, they care more about
ideology, than what is right.

That is wrong, no matter what side of the political fence
you sit on.

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