Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blackcaps Lose again somehow

Don't have the skills either as a writer or a
blogger to show my disgust at the most
underperforming sports team in history.

Words fail me.


Alex said...

To be honest the fact that we are still a test nation is quite impressive, we have a tiny population and fairly small first class competition. Plus most sport resources in the country go towards rugby, the behemoth that bestrides the winter landscape, and increasingly football. Cricket is fairly low priority in this country.

South Africa is a class outfit, 4 of their top 6 average 50 or thereabouts, plus they have the best seam attack in the world. Let's not dwell on the fact that we got a pasting and instead pray that we can square the series in Wellington.

Brett Dale said...

Fair points, yes South Africa is class, thier batsman are awesome, but it was our batsman that failed, the senior ones again.

Heres hoping for a much improved performance for the the third test.