Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surprise, Surprise Ryder will Play IPL

Well well well then, Jesse Ryder who couldn't
play for New Zealand this season because of
personal/health/alcohol issues has a day after
the international season has finished, announced
he is over his problems and is fit to play the

How lucky for him that he is over his issues in
time to play in not only the richest cricket comp
in the world, but the one comp where you have
to play to be paid.

I'm kinda guessing after this comp is over, Ryder
will announce he still has issues and won't be able
to play for New Zealand against the West Indies.

Sums up his whole career really.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family of Craig Platt's Victim makes complaint

The family of the kid that Craig Platt assaulted
has made a complaint to the Police.

This is wonderful news, not just for Craig Platt's
victim, but for victims of bullying everywhere. It
will tell the bullies of the world like Craig Platt that
they won't get away with their thuggery, they won't
get away with their bullying, they wont be allowed
to throw their weight around.

No excuses at all.

Here's hoping Craig Platt will be charged.

Time well tell.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bully (2012)

Craig Platt Your a Bully

Craig Platt, your a bully ,clear and simple
and like all bullies you try put the blame on
your victims.

I don't for one minute believe your lies you
told on tvone and tv3, you seem to have so
much anger in you.

If there is any justice in the world, the child you
assaulted would lay charges, and you would be
in jail.

Thankfully there are heroes in this story, so well done
to Leighton Dyer, when he heard there was a thug
like you causing trouble, he fronted up, and stood
up to a coward thug such as yourself.

Here's hoping the Leighton Dyer's of this world,
will always stand up to the Craig Platt's.

Craig Platt Bully who assaulted Kid at skatepark

Craig Platt has been named as the bully
who assaulted a child at Vic Skate Park.

Here's hoping the police will get involved and
arrested this disgusting man.

I Hope this bully Craig Platt gets arrested

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Borat Anthem Plays Instead of real one

The Office Deleted Scene- Black Licorice

Why was this scene deleted, it was so freakin funny.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Office to Close Season Nine?

It would appear that The Office will close in season
nine, if they get a ninth season.

With the characters, Robert California  and Kelly
leaving at the end of season eight and the characters
 Toby, Dwight, Jim and Andy set to leave during season nine,
we can come to the conclusion that the office will shut
in season nine.

Here's hoping they will spend season nine saying
goodbye to these much loved characters, IMHO
that is what season nine should be about.

They have hinted this will happen with the characters
leaving at different parts of season nine.

Unfortunately, they have also hinted at having season
nine going the other way and   focusing on one or
two new characters.

Not only will that be a disaster, but a complete slap
in the face to the loyal fans who have invested so
so much time, eights years into their favorite

Lets hope the producers and writers forget thier
current passion for Catherine Tate's character,
and reflect in season nine , on the previous eight years,
these characters deserve a wonderful sendoff, lets
hope they get one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mark Sainsbury Needs to

Wipe the corner of his mouth, and brush the dirt off
his knees, after his interview with Tame Iti.

Urewera Four Guilty of Firearm Charges

As predicted by most people the Urewera four
including Tame Iti was found guilty of some of
the firearm charges, but there was a hung jury
on the more serious charge of belonging to
a criminal group.

Tame Iti Guilty

Tame Iti and the Urewera Four has been found guilty of
firearm charges.

hung jury: charge one

Breaking News: Tame Iti  and  the Urewera four
have had some luck, they jury was hung on charge
one, of belonging to a criminal group.

Please Retire Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is coming in a new movie in  August,
called "That's my Boy"

He plays a dad, who needs to borrow money from
his rich adult son, to pay back taxes so he doesn't
go to jail.

He of course had this kid when he was 13 after an
affair with his teacher.

I looked at the trailer and it looks like every single
Adam Sandler movie there has ever been.

In fact it looks cringe worthy, could this be it for
Mr Adam Sandler, that's my boy is already the
front runner for worst movie of the decade and
the worst movie of his career.

Why does Sandler feel the need to keep making
this BS, he doesn't need the money and he is
doing nothing new, but yet each year, the movie
going public are stuck with another piece of
junk that will make millions and millions.

Surly he is embarrassed?

Isn't he?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hmmmm Donuts

This girl loves her donuts.

Benefit of the Doubt

Hey Aussies, the benefit of the doubt goes to the
attacking team, but since it was the New Zealand
Warriors, I guess you forget about that rule of
the game.

But you come to expect that from the NRL.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Blackcaps Lose again somehow

Don't have the skills either as a writer or a
blogger to show my disgust at the most
underperforming sports team in history.

Words fail me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Office: "Get The Girl" Review 8:19

Worst episode ever. 0/10 I will no longer
review the office, because I will no longer
watch it. The decision to bring Catherine Tate
into the show, is the worst decision in the
history of television, nothing comes close.

  She has singled handily bought the office to
  an end. That was terrible, she was unfunny,
  didnt fit in, was awful.

  This was a slap in the face to the fans, so
  its goodbye to this once great show,  the
  worst bit of casting in any form of the
  arts, shame on those who hired her.

Modern Family Review: "Send out the Clowns" 3:18

Yet another brilliant episode for Modern Family.


The show had four story lines.

 One Phil had tried to get a listing which his rival got by
 pretending that Phil had pushed her.

Manny friend was using Manny because he had a crush
on Gloria.

Claire wanted Haley and Alex to add her to their facebook.

Cam/Fizbo got together for one last children party with his
clown partner, Louis.

Highlights of the episode included, Lilly spitting water in
Mitch's face, after she saw Cam and Louis do it.

Manny's little song and dance as a Mascot.

Phil finally getting the listing, by using Luke to act cute.

Well done again to Modern Family.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Real Life Hero

Congrats to Jade Lynn he is a rela life hero, for
confronting a knife wielding man and luring him
away from school children and woman and the

He put his own life as risk without a thought, I
hope he gets some sort of official recognition
because he deserves our praise.

Hats off to the police who also put their life's at risk
apprehending the man.

Well done!

Three Little Ducks Go Quack Quack Quack

Seriously Blackcaps?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Congrats to the Hand Mirror Part Two

One of their posts were kind enough to comment
on my one of my comments without saying Beep
off or calling me an idiot.

Thanks, Julie.


I'm calling it.

Obama will beat Romney in the 2012 election
and rightly so.

President Obama has seen the USA through a
massive global economic crisis,  he has seen Bin
Laden get captured and killed, there has not been
another terrorist attack, and unlike the GOP he is
not homophobic.

There lies the problem with the GOP, they seem to
try and play to the homophobic supporters in their

I firmly believe if they drop the anti gay thing their leaders
seem to have they would win every election.

But that anit happening anytime soon.

The world is happy with this, because it means
another term for President Obama.

We can all be thankful for this.

Hey Helen Kelly, you do have the right to protest

Hey Helen Kelly.

Everybody should have the right to protest any issue
they like, no expectations, but no one has the right
to stop other members of the public going out their
daily business.

Okay with that?

March Madness

March Madness is here, and for kiwi Basketball fans
keep an eye out on Robert Loe the centre for the St Louis
University Billikens.

Fingers are crossed for an always great tournament, if
your a basketball fan you cannot miss this.

Kiwis keep an eye out on Saturday 1050am New Zealand
time for the Billikens game against Memphis.

Let the Bball begin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I wont join a union

I'm sure there are some unions around the country that
do work, the union that looks after fast food workers, the
union that looks after, aged carers, the union that looks
after cleaners.

The reason I wont ever join a union is I like things to be
my choice, I don't like to be threatened, I dont like to
be called nasty names, I don't ever want to be part
of something that members would partake in that

I wouldn't want people with political ideologies to
show up to a dispute, why would the New Zealand
socialist party or long time activist get involved in
my old workplace, when it's got nothing to do
with them.

Life is about choice, and if anyone wants to join
a union they should be allowed to and no employer
should stop them.

Likewise, if anyone doesn't want to join a union, it
it should be choice, and they shouldn't have to put up
with threats from anybody or anyone.

That doesn't seem to be happening at the moment,
and IMHO the country is worst off for it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Willie Jackson wants Violence

So Willie Jackson wants violence, he wants the port
protestors to use violence against people who will
work on the ports and counter protestors.

This blog piece is not about the issue, its about the
hypocrisy of people who aren't calling him up on this.

There have been successful campaigns and rightly so to
get Paul Henry fired and their have been unsuccessful
campaigns to get Murray Deaker fired, lets hope that
one will work.

But there is nothing to get Willie Jackson fired from
his TVNZ work or not one word about his distasteful
comments advocating violence.

So where are you The Standard and The Hand Mirror,
why the silence? Is violence okay when the person
advocating it has the same ideology?

How is this not hypocritical?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tommy Jordan is trying to shut people up

So let me get this right. Tommy Jordan
doesn't want media attention, and he wants
to live his life in peace, yet he is promoting
his apperance on The Today show on his
facebook page and Blog, and now he also
is having  a newsletter which you can subscribe
too via his blog.

This guy has also gone out of his way, to shut up
his critics, he has a team of lawyers under Legal
Shield, to shut down pages that may use his
video or say things about him he deems to be

Just today he has asked his facebook followers to
report people's facebook accounts that leave
vulgar messages on his page, and goes on to
say, if a 100 people report an account it will
be deleted.

So it would appear this control freak is now trying to
control the internet stories about him, sure he says,
don't report people who are disagreeing with me, just
report the vulgar ones, but as he has already stated, if
his  followers decide to report someone, its
more than likely they will lose their account.

That's very passive aggressive, Mr Tommy Jordan.

This is what bullies do, they get people behind them,
and if they cant scare his critics, he will find another
way to make them lose their voice.

I guess I should've titled this blog post, Never say

I just honesty think you should stand up to the bullies
of the world, and IMHO Tommy Jordan is one.

Reasons I Like Real Chefs

They have Michelin stars, Gordon has 13 of them. They
set trends in Food, they are game changers. They build
empires, they train the top chefs in the world, they keep
their tv business interests different from their restaurants.

Gordon Ramsay is still the man, he still has his stars,
he still has his restaurants, he is still respected throughout
the world.

Something to think about, huh Jamie.

Reasons I don't Like TV Chefs

No Michelin stars, no decent restaurant, famous
for being on the telly and that's it and this guy is
a advocate for health eating?

I think your 15 Minutes is up.

Imagine this guy in Inception

Would've made an awesome movie, even
more awesome.

TVNZ Asks David Bain Awkward Question

And stuff's webpage got it right, he seemed
to be in pain.

David was asked point blankly by a TVNZ reporter,
"Did you kill your family?" Boy if looks could kill,
their will be an opening at TVNZ.

Bain just sat there and said nothing, his lawyer said
this is been answered many times, David didn't say
NO, during the interview.

TVNZ also asked him, about his father and why does
David still think a lot of him, since Bain's Lawyer claims
he was the murderer, again, Joe interrupted and answered
for Bain.

I guess when you are going for compensation, any answer
may effect that, so you let your Lawyer do the talking.

The country is still split, he was originally found guilty and
spent a long time in jail, during the retrial he was found not
guilty. Now He has to prove it was his dad that did it to
get compensation.

That may prove harder.

Time well tell.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Office: Review "Last day in Florida" 8:18

The latest episode of The Office, Last day in Florida, was
a huge improvement over the past several weeks.

The side story was funny with Darryl and Toby both
vying for Kevin's business, they were selling cookies
for their daughters. I liked that wimpy Toby stood up
for himself for the first time, and also how the tables
were turned on Kevin having to kiss Meredith.

The other side story should have its conclusion next
week as Andy goes to Florida to bring back Erin.

The main story line revolved around Jim trying to
convince Dwight that Robert California is going
to fire him, their hallway fight was freakin funny,
and it was great that Todd Packer had to do
the presentation and ended up being fired and
not Dwight.

Which comes to my big big hope for the series,
its all over the internet that Dwight is leaving the
series at the end of this season, and there have
been a couple of somewhat tender moments between
Dwight and Jim, I sincerely hope that Dwight's final
scene with Jim is a good one, I hope the writers don't
have Dwight acting like an idiot and leave it as that.

Dwight and Jim don't have to be  overly sentimental
but this is a TV relationship that deserves an awe moment,
handled perfectly it could be amazing, remember these guys
have worked with each other for so long, I want something
special from the goodbye scene while remaining true to the

I guess we well have to wait and see, as for tonight's, a solid

Well done to the office.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tommy Jordan "The Today Show" and Unanswered Questions

Tommy Jordan went on NBC's The Today
Show and was treated like a Republican
politician on Fox News. Again the media
refused to ask the most important questions,
questions that Tommy Jordan doesn't answer
on his blog or facebook page, questions that
need to be asked because there is a somewhat
creepy element to some of his actions.

First to the interview, it went how Tommy would've
wanted it, he had control, his daughter Hannah sat
there quiet.

The three most disturbing parts of the interview, was for how
much of the interview, Tommy and his wife sat
there holding hands, facing each other, in agreement
while Hannah was left isolated with no apparent
support. It was like siblings ganging up on each
other and not parents.

Another was when Tommy Jordan was asked to
describe his daughter, he rattled off a few things
like smart, intelligent, but left out what a insecure
teenage girl wants to hear, beautiful, pretty.

The third and telling thing was when Tommy pulled
Hannah's hard drive out of his pocket and gave it
back to her, she showed no emotion at this at all,
which showed quite the hold he had over her.

But it was the unanswered questions that need to
be answered which is the most disturbing thing about the
whole matter, if you try asking this on his facebook page
or blog, you get called a stalker by him and all
names by his supporters.

When Tommy Jordan reads his daughter messages, doesn't
he find it quite disturbing that he is reading messages from
her friends (not his daughter) to his daughter, these messages
may be personal stuff,  stuff that is in no way harmful to
his daughter.

It could be harmless girly teenage stuff like "Oh hes a good
kisser, he is cute" etc etc etc, but he reads on? Does he feel
comfortable reading stuff like that, from someone that isnt his
daughter, another girls message may contain personal
feelings, information that is not meant for his eyes.

It could be a secret that they are embarrassed about and only
want to share with Hannah, and here is this grown man
reading it, and he appears to have no issue with invading
the privacy of someone that is not his daughter. (I agree
100% that he is not doing this for pervy reasons, so no
more threats of legal shield, please from his supporters)

I would also like to know what the parents of Hannah's
friends think about this grown man reading their daughter
messages to Hannah, I would be horrified.

These questions weren't asked by the media and don't
get answered by Tommy.

I said in a previous post this will be my final say on the
subject, but I had to write just one more post, I will no longer
go to his facebook page or his blog,  Idon't want to make this
guy money. I will just leave it with one final thought/question.

Tommy Jordan, do you feel it's okay to read messages from
teenage girls that are sent to your daughter, that will cause no
harm to your daughter, but may contain personal information
about that person.

I would feel creepy.

Garth Brooks Inducted into Country Music's Hall Of Fame

Congrats to Garth Brooks for being inducted into,
Country Music's hall of fame, a huge honor for
any artist, especially sweet since he will be among
his heroes George Strait and Merle Haggard.

The always humble Garth Brooks who retired from
recording and full touring in 1999 to look after his three
daughters, is set to come out of retirement in 2014, once
his youngest daughter turns 18 and leaves for college.

Congrats to Mr Brooks and congrats to the country
music hall of fame for honoring this great man.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kirk Cameron an Unnatural Actor

No Kirk, its not unnatural, what is unnatural is a
no talented, 80's/90's family sitcom actor, who
spouts his bigoted views to the world on CNN

You have the right to have any  disgusting view
you believe in, but in a world of Fred Phelps, why
did you bother? Is this the one thing you take from


Tommy Jordan " Questions NBC Wont Ask"

What do the parents of Hannah Friend's and Hannah friend's
themselves think of Tommy reading their private emails?

Would Tommy like another parent, reading his
daughter's email's?

What say there is some emails from Hannah's friend's
to Hannah containing some personal information about
their love life, would Tommy still read on??

Its About Ideology Afterall

A.K.A He's a commie after all. Make no mistake, from
calling his Union buddies, comrades, from threatening
New Zealand's businesses if they dare make the choice to
hire non union workers, Garry Parsloe is about his
ideology and not what is best for the people he

Its a good first day after all

Thanks to Chris Martin, the cricketer, not the
rock singer.  SA 186/7

It's a Small World (RIP Robert Sherman)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jesse Ryder Dropped for Drinking

(Update3 : despite earlier reports that Jesse Ryder
had been completely dropped from the New Zealand
cricket team, NZC has confirmed it's just the third one
dayer that he and Doug Bracewell wont be considered

(UPDATE2: NZC states they have a non drinking
policy for players recovering from injury)

(Update: It would appear both Jesse Ryder and Doug
Bracewell wont be considered for selection for the
third one dayer, after consuming alcohol and then verbally
abusing a member of the public, it is unclear, if Ryder is
dropped fully from the team and not just the one dayer, earlier
reports had Jesse Ryder dropped from the team completly)


Jesse Ryder has been dropped from the
Blackcaps, the New Zealand cricket team.

New Zealand cricket has said he was dropped
for breaking a pledge saying he would give up

According to the media, after last night's heavy
lost to South Africa, he went out with friends and
had a heavy drinking session,  management of the
Blackcaps were furious and have dropped him.

Here's hoping he will get the help he needs, but
if can't be as a professional cricketer, he was
given more chances than any other cricketer
in history and never took those chances.

I wish him well for his new career, what ever
that might be.


You guessed it, yes indeed, the latest Modern Family
episode titled "Leap Day" gets ten out of ten for being
beautifully funny and at sometimes freaky.

The episode revolves around Leap day, and Cam's birthday
that falls on Leap Day. So according to Cam he's actually only

Mitch had planned a Wizard of Oz theme,  but then came to the
conclusion that a theme about a  movie with a Tornado in it,
wouldn't be right, because Cam's family farm had been hit by
one. So he plans a boat ride instead for the family.

The other story line was Phil and Luke trying to get out
the house, while, Claire, Alex and Haley were on their
monthly cycle.

That probably had tonight's episode biggest laugh and
one of the best visuals laughs of all time, when Phil got
Luke to put some fake blood on a finger and he would
pretend to rush him to the doctor, when in fact they
were going trapezing, (which was the original plan for
the whole family,) unfortunately Luke got the fake blood all
over him, and the girls and Claire freaked, (it looked like
something out of a horror movie) Everybody played it
so well.

The third story wasn't that major and revolved about Jay
thinking Gloria wants a man that fights.

I dont want to give too much away, but Mitch figures out
that Cam just wants a birthday of a ten year old.

Lovely, beautiful, freaky, funny, Modern Family is
without a doubt the best program on TV.

Well done to the writers/producers/directors and
most all the actors.

Ten out of ten for Leap day.

Jamaica 3 New Zealand 2

So a loss for New Zealand, in their friendly  football
match against Jamaica, 3-2. A great game
though and a wonderful effort, two penalties
that weren't given to NZ  by the ref, didn't help.

The New Zealand team known as "The All Whites"
(the team colours, despite wearing black for this match)
were unlucky to lose and could've well taken the game
out, they had flown from their professional clubs
from all parts of the Globe, the USA, England, Australia,
and just had one training one and 24 hours to get over
jet lag.

IMHO things are looking good for when they start
their world cup qualifying campaign  in June. So
many young players, and have we found  a star
in Rojas???

Time will tell and Fingers are crossed.

Roll on 2014.