Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Phil Dunphy is better than most Dads

There was a scene in last night's Modern Family that
should go down in TV History, it was IMHO the best
scene ever form this iconic show.

The episode titled "Virgin Territory" was again ten out  of
ten, and the scene I'm talking about was Phil Dunphy
finding out that his daughter wasn't a virgin.

The writers could've gone the way of other cheesy
sitcoms and had a moral stance or it could've tried to
be hard hitting like some cable shows, going for ratings.

Instead they filmed what could be the most delightful, sweet
tender Dad/Daughter moment in TV History.

When Phil Dunphy was out with his daughter, he asked
her to go get a table at the food court (she was feeling awkward
knowing her dad knew) she asks "Counter or Booth",
he just softly replies, "What ever seems right to you, I trust you"
They hug, next scene has her talking head saying "I have a cool

That would mean a lot to Phil, for he has always tried to
be the cool dad.

The episode IMHO was about trust, and was well timed,
since it aired about a week or two after a real life Dad,
shot apart his daughter's laptop and has gone on to
become a successful  blogger and massive on facebook
 with the "Tough Love" approach, all the while having
ads on his page with software that lets you spy on
your kids internet use. ( some of the profits though
are going to the MDA)

(Yes I am aware that I have posted on the real
dad's  blog, using a different name, I do so,
so, I dont get spam to my inbox)

But back to Phil, he should be the poster child for
what a Dad and a Parent should be, he doesn't show
his love by being  a hardass, he wants to be part
of his daughters and sons life, and is upset if he's
not in the loop, and if  his children makes a mistake,
he doesn't make them feel like they are worst people
in the world.

The actor Ty Burrell actually bases his performance on
his late father, which makes it all the sweeter.

So thank you Modern Family for what it has to be
one of my all time favorite scenes.

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