Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wellington Sevens Biggest Con job to hit New Zealand Sport

For 12 straight years the NZRFU and the New Zealand
media have pulled a con job on the New Zealand public.

For 12 straight years they have done this and not one
Journo has had the integrity to call them up on it.

It is a brilliant but repugnant piece of viral marketing,
the partners in crime are  Sky Television, The Media,
The brewery companies, TVNZ,  Radio Sport and
the NZRFU.

As you watch the Wellington Sevens you will notice
normal kiwis dressed up, drinking beer and having
a good time.

You will also notice their is a lot of attractive people
going to the game together,  drinking beer, dancing,
playing up for the camera, while TV Journalists laugh
and cheer them on.

What these Journos like Andrew Saville won't tell you,
is those good looking people the media keeps showing
you, on the internet, in print and on television are actually
Models that are paid to be there to give the event a
hot glamorous look.

The NZRFU along with the breweries companies are in
on this.

They wont tell the public they are paid models, the media
will go along with the lie that they are every day fans who
love their rugby, while the every day fan misses out on

This is a disgusting piece of viral marketing, to hire good
looking people to act as fans is well pathetic more than

Too bad the media wont say a word, the likes of Brendan
Telfer and Andrew Saville should be ashamed, 12 years
of lies.

Will there be one Journo who will write about this?

I doubt it, you need to have integrity  to do the right
(Update, I should add, what I have written is
my theory and  three years ago a writer for the
Sunday Star Times emailed me and confirmed it, but he
never published it in their paper)

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