Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tui Ad's aren't Sexist, Yeah right!

There is a debate over at the very popular blog and
always interesting site,  The Hand Mirror. The debate
consists of whether the Tui ads, who always featuring
scantily clad young females, are sexist and if they
should be banned.

The regular posters like stargazer are shining in with
comments along the lines, hey free Speech not
only applies to the Tui Ads themselves but people
against them.

I agree, but here is my problem, first off, yes the Tui
Ads are sexist, the Tui ads are dumb, they are going
for a stupid dumb young male drinking marketing,
but that is their right to do that, you have the right
to say, "Dont do this, Dont do That" but you have
no right what so ever to dictate what they can say
or do.

Free Speech applies to everybody, but if your free
speech is trying to limit others, then your not for
free speech, you are really about trying to control
people's way of thinking, like the most vile of politicans do.

To sum up, the ads may be awful, you may hate them,
but when you try and ban something, well that is
way worse than any commercial with woman in
Bikinis in.

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