Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tommy Jordan "Laptop Dad" Part 3

The following again is just my opinion,
I present nothing as fact.

I have done a couple of posts on
Tommy "Laptop Dad" Jordan, this
of course is my third.

The theme has been, is it all a Hoax?,
or is true?, I think the answer is a little
bit from column A and a little bit
from Column B.

The part of his story that he went to
High School and College at the same time,
while working two jobs and living alone
all at the age of 15 sounds false.

The part of the story when he says he didn't
know this would go viral has to be false, no
one who works in I.T would think like this.

Then his side of the story saying his daughter
only spends a few minutes a day doing chores,
sounds false also.

This blog post is not about this, it's about Tommy's
behavior and is he showing all the characteristics
of a bully and a control freak of a middle age man
in a position of power and privilege.

Some of these points, I have made before.

First off, if what his Daughter is saying is true, Tommy
thinks it's okay to have your child up at 5am and working till
ten pm around the house and also doing unpaid work at
his place of business. She is 15, if your that age
and doing unpaid work in a place of business, then
surly thats illegal, it doesn't matter if its your parents
business or not.

By continuing to go on facebook and letting strangers
comment to him, what a great parent he is, and how
his daughter is wrong, well IMHO he is asserting
control over her and trying to show her, that she
is alone, she will have no help, and his word is
Law no matter what.

Men who are bread winners in the family often
try this tactic, so basically they get their way over
and over again, its a vicious circle their victims
know they cant get out of.

Probably the most sinister part of this, is the
daughter's allegation that once she had
washed the floors, Tommy Jordan walked
back in with muddy boots and made her do
it again.

This is text book cruelty, and is usually the
behavior of controlling sociopaths, to keep
their victims again in line.

The control freak, which I believe Tommy is,
will try to put out what a great guy they are, they
will tell people about the charity work they have
done (Tommy Jordan has done this on facebook)
they will tell people about  how they work fulltime
 and out in public they will be as sweet and as nice
as they can be, its only their victims that see the
real side.

They will also be extremely  passive aggressive
towards their victims.

Shame on Fox News and Glenn Beck, shame on
the people on facebook for  egging this guy on.

Most of all shame on Tommy Jordan for doing
this, I'm sure poor Hannah will now jump when
you click your fingers for her to make you a cup
of coffee, Im sure she will spend hours at your
business giving you free Labour, and Im sure you
will make her feel guilty about anything she does.

Its just a shame that Tommy will make so much
money from this by controlling the story and not
letting the media in, and its a shame we will
never hear Hannah's side of the story.

Thoughts and wishes go out to her and the
situation that she is.

Fingers crossed it will get better for her.

(Again this post is just my opinion, I'm not making
any statement of fact)


lschneider said...

I'm Lynne Schneider, and yes, I was just kicked off Tommy Jordan's Facebook page. I guess I hit a nerve with the "father of the year." He's probably kicking all those of us who disagree (especially any he can't argue with) off his page, and that's why there seem to be so few of us. I guess it's a blessing because this man's actions just hit a nerve with me, and I've put too much time and energy into a situation I can't help anyway. I teach high school, and I know that the worst thing you can do to teenagers, especially teenage girls, is shine a spotlight on them and their faults. Kids at that age are so self-conscious, and it was really cruel and inhumane to put her out there on Youtube like that, and leave her out there on his FB page like he did and is still doing. Anyway, now I won't even be able to see more self-aggrandizement and marketing at his chid's expense if I want to. So I guess I really should thank the man for that...I'll just pray for Hannah and hope that she isn't one of those teens who takes things to heart and will run the risk of long-term pain from this.

Brett Dale said...

Excellent points, I agree totally, I only hope Hannah will get through this.

Anonymous said...

Lynne. I saw your comments on there and figured you would be punted as well.

I was too when I questioned his motives for subjecting his daughter to all the horrible commentary on her photo. It appears he has finally edited "most" of the negative comments out. I think he has purposely left the "how can you people be so mean and call her fat comments though". Nothing says fatherly love like allowing this to happen.

IF all of this is real, the more he talks the more I figure he needs help.

He wants the media to ask him questions in emails so he can control the responses. Zero cross questioning. We have yet to hear from Hannah at this point and I suspect when we do she will toe the line after all the horrible things that have been said this week.

Why is he deleting all the people who disagree with him? He probably reads these comments to his poor daughter and all she hears is support for her dad. That girl is left with the assumption that she is alone.

I am keeping my name private only because after I posted something to Mr. Jordan to the contrary, my FB page started getting messaged from the lunatic fringe.

I had the pleasure of being responded to directly by the Master and Commander himself. When I cross examined him about his motives, any trace of my comments on his pages disappears.

I guess Mr. Jordan likes to live in his own little i AM god world. I've met them before. Trogladytes.

lschneider said...

I was a bit surprised that I was blocked, since I didn't use any profanity or say anything out of line...there are some really foul comments from both sides on his page. I did go back and peek ('s pretty easy to get back on your page) and was surprised my comments were still there, and totally not surprised that he didn't respond to them, except to announce I was blocked. I didn't cry...being blocked to me is proof we've got his number and he knows it. He can't fight reasonable opposition except to hide from it. Anyone who says something that could make his kool-aid drinkers stop and think has to go. Although, frankly, they are so desperate for him to be right that he doesn't have to worry much. I truly hope and pray he is a good father who made one mistake and is too weak to ignore the limelight. Now he seems to want to talk about other topics on his page and can't get his fans and his haters to move on, too. Maybe that is the punishment he deserves.

Brett Dale said...


Totally agree, about the photo comments, and the fact that he is trying to control the story by having email questions, also that he is deleting the negative responses to him so he can show his daughter that no one supports her.

The guy is a text book bully.

Brett Dale said...


Your right about his supporters, he doesnt have anything to worry about in that regard.

lschneider said...

Hmmmm....just found this post by him on his Twisted Networx FB page:

people have been calling the police for days. They're tired of it. They've never come out because no laws were broken, but they're as tired of the phone calls as we are. We actually asked them why they hadn't come out. They said "Because you didn't break any laws." We said "ok"....
February 12 at 9:41pm

That doesn't match earlier comments he made that they had been there. Remember, a whole detective squad said "Kudos" and another policeman was using his video in presentations to high school students (which, BTW, would go over like a turd in a punch bowl at ANY school or organization I ever worked with...profanity, smoking, and shooting a gun?? No way.) I don't think for one moment a police officer told him that.

This to me is proof positive he's at least lying about some of this (if not all of it). Feel free to ask him about this...and then expect to be blocked for making sense.

Brett Dale said...

Excellent points again, lschneider, he is with out a doubt lying about some of the aspects of it.

Hopefully he will get caught out, of course his supporters will just believe him.

I think he did make the video out of anger, knew it would go viral, and is now trying to justify it by lying.