Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tommy Jordan: "Laptop Dad" My Final Thoughts

(Update 2: The following has come to my 
attention, let me make it clear, I'm not
in anyway whatsoever alleging that there
has been any physical abuse, that is crazy
to even take that from one of my posts)

(Update, I have now been banned from
Tommy Jordan's facebook page, which is
quite strange, since the last post I wrote said
"I will not post or come here again, I'm kinda
guessing my posts have been deleted)

The following is just my opinion,
I present nothing as fact (Sorry
Tommy's lawyers) Some of
what I have written in this post
I have written before.

Here are my final thoughts on
Tommy Jordan, Laptop dad.

I firmly believe that 80% of what
comes out of his mouth is an outright

I believe he has such a tight control of
his daughter, that when he found out
she was talking to her friends about
him, he snapped, and like most control
freaks, he didn't decide just to get angry,
he decided to get revenge  in the most
sinister, repulsive way, by humiliating her
in front of the planet.

The only honest thing about this whole
story is that Tommy Jordan made a video
to hurt her and cause her pain.

He knew perfectly well it would go viral,
He knew perfectly well he could control the
story. He knew perfectly by controlling the
story, he could control the responses, thus
the truth wouldn't get out.

The truth IMHO is that Tommy Jordan thinks
because he is the bread winner in his family,
his daughter should be there to serve him,
this is not a case of some teenager who
doesn't want to do the dishes. This is the
case of someone who not only has to the every day
chores that everybody has to do, but has
to be unpaid Labour for a business.

On his facebook page he continues to tell
the world how successful he is, talking
about his Government Contracts, and telling
people how bad he had it as a teenager.

His fanbase is eating it up and they continue
to rip into his daughter, while Tommy Jordan
continues to let them. If questions are asked that
could put holes in his story, he bans them.

As a poster here said, in one sentence he says the
Police has never visited him, and in another he
tells his readers that they said "Kudos", and now he
is spinning another yarn, saying Police want to
use this video in high schools, what School will
let their kids watch that???

My final thoughts go out to Hannah Jordan who
must feel the world world is against her, Im sure the
Church they go to,  will be taking the father's side, along
with the family friends, teachers, neighbors, and this
is how the most sociopathic bully's work, they isolate
their victims and control the story so the victims feels
they are actually guilty and have no where to go.

So to Hannah, (not that you will ever get to read this) I
hope at least some of your teenage years is fill of what
Teenage girls are suppose to do, I hope when your
an adult you know that those in power
aren't the ones that are right, and I hope you know
things will get better.

Best wishes to her, and to Tommy Jordan, you
cant fool everybody, and you can't shut everybody
up, just because you have Lawyers.

Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

you're stupid.

Brett Dale said...

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

God bless you. I agree with you 100%. Tommy Jordan's account of the situation is not to be trusted. I hope that Hannah finds a safe haven where she can experience the unconditional love of a true parent, which I do not consider Tommy Jordan to be. That nearly two weeks have passed and we have yet to hear a peep from Hannah means that she is likely not going to school and not permitted to communicate with the 'outside world'. I cannot bring myself to view Tommy Jordan's page as I consider him to be an abuser and a liar, glorying in the notoriety gained from humiliating and emotionally raping his daughter. Everything on his page is suspect.

Nevertheless, he will get what's coming to him, that's a guarantee. Sooner or later, the books are always balanced. Those who support him and revile the young girl will also get their due.

AngryAdult said...

I'm sure Hannah has gotten the message: that because she is underage and unable to earn her own living, she is voiceless and powerless. Nothing to do but keep her head down and meekly slog through her chores for the next three years. Once she is legally free to leave that house, Tommy Jordan may learn that he won the battle but lost the war.

Brett Dale said...

Good points angry adult, once Hannah is 18 and leaves home its a different story.

Anonymous said...

Hannah humiliated herself......leaving msg that sounded like self-entitled white trash.
Dad redeemed her by rebutting her allegations, and teaching her a good lesson which will make her a better person and an asset to society.

Brett Dale said...

Actually he humiliated her and embarrassed himself, and he continues to do so. I just wonder what the parents of Hannah's friends think of Tommy Jordan reading their daughters private emails.