Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tommy Jordan Laptop Dad, a Hoax?

The debate is on, some say the Tommy
Jordan Video Story is a Hoax say some
it's true, I don't know what to believe,
lets take a look at what is out there.

Is Tommy Jordan  a liar and a fraudster
or just  a parent who has made money off of his
daughter by embarrassing her and humiliating her
in front of the world.

Lets take a look at the Fraud issue, in the video
he tells the audience that at 15 he lived on his
own, went to both High School and College,
had two jobs, and only had a bike to get

You don't have to be an Einstein to pick that
apart. He has hired Lawyers to take copies
of his video down on  youtube, he is selling
a book on amazon, and he is also selling
other profits, so we have motive.

What would be worse though is, if this
incident actually happened. He has been
telling the whole world about his daughter's
behavior for his own monetary gains, not
only did he do this with he video, but he
continues to do it on his facebook page.

This is certainly not teaching her a lesson
about building a bridge.

So Tommy Jordan is either a Fraudster trying
to make money, or a Cruel Dad trying to make
money off his daughter.

Either way he is not one to be admired or

But hey he has a huge fan base on facebook.

Didn't see that happening.


Donna O'Leary-Glynn said...

Firstly, thank you for your acknowlegement of my comment on Tommy's FB page. Second, thank you for a venue where I can express my opinions without being hastily remarked as a "tommy hater". I am not a hater. I merely question the fact that this whole matter was not planned. He is an IT tech for cryin out loud! He knows exactly how this all works and does know of the consequences. I felt bad for Tom at during the onset... reporters at his home, phone calls etc.. then as the days progressed, "he, himself" kept it going. He whined about bringing his life and family back to normalcy yet continued to infest for the attention. I wasn't kidding when I commented that if this was purely a "parenting" statement that all such videos and such should be pulled and he should now return to his old life and concentrate on his daughter! And like I said, it's not a crime to make money off the internet and attention.. I just lost faith in Tom since he has yet to OWN UP TO IT! Sad!! Just be honest!!! Or wait - maybe honesty wasn't the lesson he was trying to teach his daughter in AMERICA'S eyes!!!!

Brett Dale said...

Hi there, thanks too, yes I agree with what you are saying about Tommy.

He does seem to be keeping it going.

Facebook fans, do tend to get a bit nasty if you say anything about their guy.

I kinda think in a week or so, the media will find something else, and the attention he is having will go away.

Anyway, cheers for the comment, take care from Brett.

PS: I use a different name at Facebook so I can browse various groups/discussions without getting spam to my email.

Take care, from Brett.

Anonymous said...

Like Donna I sympathized with him at the beginning. Gawd knows I have had to deal with a disrespectful teenager. It doesn't matter how good or bad of a parent you are...If you have a teen, they will hate you...pure and simple.

Anyhow. As the days have worn on I have started to question all of this and while I can appreciate his frustration this wasn't a rash decision made in parental haste that we regret as soon as we've done it. (like yelling or swearing at your inconsiderate teenager). This was planned.

He had to take the time to think about this, set up a video camera, load his gun, and sit down to make the video. At any point in time (especially while waiting for it to upload to youtube) an adult brain should kick in and say "Wait a second...this is a rather irrational response to my bratty teenager and a little over the top"

An adult brain would say. "Family issues are a private manner and while she bitched online on her private fb page to a couple of hundred like minded teenagers, airing our private family matters in such a public forum is probably not in my family's best interest"

He didn't. He chose to continue along this path. Motives start to emerge. The blatent name dropping in his follow up responses on FB are obvious. I'd love to hear Glenn Beck deny he contacted him...really.... because I suspect much of that is fabrication as well.

Why do I think it's fabricated? of his first responses was in response to the police and cps visiting his home. According to the police departments, he wasn't visited as he didn't break a law. Did an entire detective squad say kudos? Not according to the police departments.

Sadly the more he talks the sillier he looks. Anyone with a "legal team" behind them worth any kind of salt would be telling this man to shut the hell up. I don't believe he actually has a real legal team other that the kind you might find advertising in a penny saver magazine.

His story has a lot more holes in it than the laptop.

Brett Dale said...


Excellent and very interesting points indeed. I also think if he is questioned about it more and more, the story will have a lot more holes.

I still do feel so so so sorry for his daughter, I can imagine the BS she is putting up with at school.

Anonymous said...

I knew all along it was a ruse to make money. He's now selling bracelets that 'hannah' made by hand for like 20$ each(including shipping).

It was all a scam so he could make a ton of money, 20$ a pop per bracelet x the ammount of facebook followers(over 60k).

$20.00 x 60,000 = $1,200,000(and that's if each person only buys one).

T-T-Tommy said...

ROFL. Love the comments. You guys need a hobby, I'm tellin' ya. But hey, it is a free country, so you're welcome to any assumption you might have about me, my character, or my family. I'm certainly not going to expend the effort to disprove any theory you can come up with.

I friend told me one time "Hey, if you're picking on me, you're leaving some other poor bastard alone"...

Have a good day y'all