Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tommy Jordan, Laptop Dad

 (Update: Added a poll for public opinion)

This is parenting by embarrassment and despite all his
denial's, he did it for the wrong reason. I'm sure Tommy Jordan's
book sales will now go up.

I mean what a jackass, and he wonders why his daughter wrote 
bad things about him on facebook, I'm sure though, he will
now become a cult hero, let's hope that his daughter can get
over the embarrassment that he has caused her.

This guy posted the video on youtube, and for somereason
now think it shouldn't be public domain, I think maybe he
is thinking of the money that he can make from google
adsesne by doing this, he takes out the embedded
code people are going to make this thing viral.

Anyway back to what a jerk this guy is to his daughter,
he wont be getting a fathers day card I guess, here's
hoping he will do the right thing and give his daughter
a daddy/daughter valentine's day card.

Time will tell.

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