Sunday, February 5, 2012

TeMana has No Mana

The TeMana party of New Zealand has no Mana, they seem to
think people, should show them honor and respect, without them
having to do the same.

What more do you expect from a party full of Racists like John
Minto, Sue Bradford and Annette Skyes, people who were
sick enough to either celebrate or deny 9/11, other members
of this group are hard line Unionists who want violence against
non Union members or people who speak out against Unions.

They also have former members of the New Zealand
Communist party and Socialist party as their members.

Wikitana Popata is one of their leading protesters, a man
who is part of one of New Zealand's richest families thanks
to treaty settlements, like his Uncle Hone Harawiri the head
of Te Mana he is in a position of privilege, yet likes to make
out that he is hard done by.

Their treatment of people who disagree with them is disgusting,
their lack of respect for the Prime Minster is repulsive and
the lack of respect for other races is repugnant.

What they did today was embarrassing and no one should
give them any respect because they don't deserve it.

I tend to think though, their will be some first year Varsity
students who are taught by Professors who have never
travelled outside New Zealand, who think TeMana
speak for the little guy, they don't, they speak
for their own rich extended family, preying on
the poor.

Here's hoping Prime Minister Key will lead with
Dignity, like he has always done.

Wikitana Popata and Hone could learn some
lessons from the leader of our country.

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