Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Darling, cant hide your ineptitude

Am I the only male on earth who hates it when
a woman (Outside of a relationship) calls them

In the past I have worked in several work places,
where I have been called this, I guess it's a better
catch phrase than "I'm not going to bite" but that
isn't saying much.

I've have also have had this said to me in Public.

Is it suppose to be a power thing for the female
gender to call a male, they are not in a relationship
with, Darling? Is there some point to be made?

I don't find the words, Love or Honey patronizing,
but the word Darling is seemed to be used to be

I have just moved to another city, so I'm not sure
if my next work place will be like this, I must of
had at least a dozen work places in my old city,
 where that phrase was used.

What really got me, it was mostly used by the
females in the office who were first to complain
about anything, and were not that great in their
jobs, yet they got promoted over other females.

I must say thankfully these ladies make up a very
small percentage of females that I have worked with.

So why is it that people like that in the work place
have the need to talk down to people, the way they
do and get rewarded for it?

Eileen Downey for example the repugnant manager of
the British hotel featured in the 1997 reality show, had
no manager skills whatsoever, yet she is now the
head Director  for Britannia Hotels, which
Surprise, Surprise  are in deep deep trouble.

How the heck did that happen? To succeed do
you just have to talk down to people now?

I for one cannot get my head around it.

Maybe one day things will change.

Time will tell.

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