Friday, February 10, 2012

The Office "Special Project" Review 8:14

This is not really a review of the Office, but more of
a preview of what I think might happen in future episodes
of the Office.

It was a set up episode, the beginning of the end for some

Best episode of the season maybe? 8/10.

The episode revolved about Dwight heading up a
team to go to Florida for a new business project
for Sabre, Pam and Angela coming back, and
Darryl's love life.

But it's what might happen in the future, that I'm
going to focus on.

My Predictions.

Dwight and Jim are finally friends as Dwight leaves
the Office for a new life in Florida not just three
weeks, he will also get custody of his baby.

Jim and Pam marriage ends thanks to kathy. (Yes
I believe they are going there)

Erin also leaves the Office.

Darryl to get his girl.

Creed to finally get more than one line
per episode.

Season nine will see more Robert California
thankfully! but unfortunately will see more
Catherine Tate.

The Office will be like a real life office, people
leave, people break up, new people come in.

Will I be right or wrong?

Time will tell.

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