Friday, February 24, 2012

The Office Review: "After Hours" 8:16

At least some story lines are coming to an end.

I mean come on now writers, we all knew that Jim
would not be tempted by Kathy. We knew that
Erin would not be tempted by Ryan and that
Ryan is a jerk.

The story lines that are going to be kept going are
Darryl  will get together with his crush, Packer will
get the VP job, and Dwight will leave the Office, which
will be the start of Ranni Wilson's new sitcom.

Basically that sums up tonight's episode, a few episodes
back I thought the writers were going to do something
special, but now it seems they are just dragging out
the inevitable.

Still it's had its funny moments, but this is the office,
I expect more.



Anonymous said...

Jim and Kathy need to hook up and have a soft p0rn scene. That would make the ratings skyrocket. Lindsey Broad is so effn hot.

Brett Dale said...

Haha, well they dont have to go that far, but she is kinda cute.