Friday, February 3, 2012

The Office: "Jury Duty" Review 8:13

Not sure what to make of this episode. Jury Duty was
centered around Jim coming back to work after taking
a week off for jury duty, he actually got dismissed as a
juror and just ended up helping Pam around the house.

The real story though was Angela having her baby, and
Dwight figuring out the baby is actually his and not the

Here lies the purpose of this episode, my theory it was
written to give a heads up to Dwight getting his own show
after the Office.

This rumor has been around the internet the past week,
and now I think it's true, season eight will see the last
of Dwight in the Office.

His spin off will see him run the family farm with his
new child, Angela and Moe in toe.

That will be a huge lost for the office, and we can
only hope it will be more than a Jim and Pam

To survive, they need more Gabe, more Robert
California, much more Creed and some Darryl.

Cant really give this episode a rating, although
I liked it, it wasn't really a normal episode, more
of a setup for another series.