Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Virgin Territory" 3:16

The Latest Modern family episode, may of just had
my all time favorite scene, the episode titled "Virgin
Territory" revolved around secrets the family members

Two little sidestories were Cam going through the Dunphy's
household looking for borrowed tupperware, and Luke
finally getting over that Lily is now the cute one, and he is
now the bad boy.

Claire's secret was that she liked to go to a gun range, Mitchell
secret was that Jay's hole in one wasnt a hole in one, because
Mitchell had kicked the ball into the hole, Manny had a secret
crush on a girl, and Luke and Luke and Manny drove a car.

But the biggest secret of all was that, Haley isn't a virgin, and Phil
found this out. Which bought me to my favorite all time moment
of Modern Family.

Phil of course was upset by this and while out,  he asked Haley
to go get a table at the food court, she asks "counter or booth"
he replies "What ever seems right to you, I trust you"

They hug.

Next is the talking head scene with Haley and she says "I have
a cool dad" The smile and emotional on her face says it all.

The scene in the doll hospital between Phil and Haley was perfect,
it was tender without being sickly sweet, it was real,  hats
off to both actors, and once again this Modern Family
episode has to get ten out of ten.

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