Friday, February 10, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Me? Jealous?" 3:14

Heck Modern Family, I might as well just copy and
paste, Ten out of Ten for my reviews of your episodes.

Once again Modern Family has proven to be the best show
on television by far, with it's latest episode titled Me? Jealous?

The three story lines revolved around Jay making Lawyer jokes
to Mitch, Haley entering the big sister programme, and Phil
trying to impress his new boss with Clara thinking the
boss was coming on to her.

Thought it was great, that Haley had written on her
C.V  Big Sister as a job.  The scene in the kitchen
with Gloria and Cam was very sweet, hovering  around
to music after they had made up, and of course it was
Kinda sweet that Mitch got Jay's idol to play  a
prank on him.

The scenes with Manny trying to patch things up
with people, and Haley and Alex turning Luke
into Betty Luke were funny, but the strongest
scenes in the episode.

Once again it fell to the Great Ty Burrell, and his
performance as Phil, with what maybe the line of
the season during his talking head moment.

He first said "Only I can take my wife to bed and
make her laugh" he then got a funny look on his face
and said "Only I can take my wife to bed, comma,
and make her laugh"

Again ten out of ten to Modern Family.

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