Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modern Family: "Aunt Mommy" Review

Even if there was only line in tonight's episode, it still
would get ten out of ten.

Phil Dunphy's two little words, and the way Ty Burrell
delivered them was perfect, talking about his job as a
Real Estate agent, during the talking head segment, he
said there is a phrase for houses that are hard to sell...

"Commission Impossible"

That alone made the show worth watching, sure there
was other highlights, Lilly screaming at a picture of
a unseen baby on Mitch and Cam's computer and of
course, Phil's other big line...

"Commission Accomplished"

Basically the story line consisted of a drunk  Claire  agreeing
to donate eggs for Mitch and Cam. Of course, cooler
heads prevailed.

Hats off to the writers/ director and actors,  for
a job well done.

Once again ten out of ten for Modern Family.

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