Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Major Changes at The Office

I think my love affair with The Office is over. It's been
a great eight seasons, but if the Rumors are true, I think
I will give season 9 and beyond a miss.

Not only is my favorite new character, Robert Calfornia
played brilliantly by James Spader saying Goodbye, but
we also say goodbye to Kelly, and what must be a huge
shock, we say goodbye to Dwight.

Yes Dwight is going, his character will still be seen in his
own spinoff, but he is leaving the office. This must make
Office fans feel numb, I just hope they do Dwight Justice
in his last episode.

The real kick in the teeth though is, who they are going
to write in as the main character, Catherine Tate, the
most unfunny person in the History of the office, what
a kick in the teeth to the fans, an what an insult to
the long term actors who's hard work has made this
show work over eight years.

I'm not sure  what they are thinking with making Catherine
Tate the centre of show, the ironic thing is, its Toby (Paul
Lieberstein) that has made the decision, and he has bought
down the Office.

I wonder what Michael would say??

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