Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jonathan Elliot is a sad Pathetic Little Man

Jonathan Elliot is a sad pathetic little man, he
gives a bad name to anyone who has ever gone
to a protest.

His politics doesn't matter, what he protests for
doesn't matter, his views doesn't matter, it's his
manner that matters, and he is a right little creep.

He had organized a protest outside Parliament,
which is his right, a politician came out to speak,
and well little Johnny wasn't haven't that, he unplug
the microphone and started to scream like he was
an extra on one flew over the cuckoo's nest.

He had the nerve to tell other  people, that he won't let them
speak, he was ranting and raving.

Why do some protestors do this?? They say they
are for freedoms and free speech, but if someone
else tries to speak, they go nuts.  Jonathan Elliot isn't
about rights or views for everybody, he is about HIS
ideas and everybody in the room, better agree with
him or else.

He reminded me of that BLOGGER, Boganette, who use
to go off and swear and rant and rave at anyone who
disagreed with her, but if someone was to rant and rave
back, this blogger will be like "You can't speak to me that way"

He is also like the Minto's and the Bradfords of the world,
just because he has a loud megaphone or microphone he
thinks he is right and no one better disagree with him.

Well protesting and debating should be about ideas, and
not being a pathetic, shouting little bully like Jonathan

Too bad for Mr Elliot because he might be able to
get his ideas across if he showed respect for others,
but that anit going to happen anytime soon.

My only advice to anyone going to a protest is,
don't be like Jonathan Elliot.

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