Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesse Ryder Slims Down

Well, I'm in two camps, I dont think
Jesse Ryder can  come back and be brilliant,
throughout the years he has shown he hasn't
had the integrity or courage to put in the work.

I do though, have so much faith in The Blackcaps
high performance trainer, Chris Donaldson, the
fastest NewZealander in our history, a speed
demon over the 100 metres, the only kiwi and
one of the few white guys to come close to breaking
the 10 second mark.

If anyone can change Ryder he can, Donaldson is
without a doubt one of New Zealand's most underrated
sportsperson, the media has never given him
the credit he deserves, like a lot of our
kiwi sprinters, he has gone under the rader.

So fingers are crossed that he has turned Ryder
from an overweight lazy batsman into

Time will tell, roll on the test series.

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