Friday, February 17, 2012

I Hope Tommy Jordan "Laptop Dad" is a Hoax

The following is just my thoughts
on the Tommy Jordan story, I'm not
presenting anything as fact.

A couple of posts ago I did a piece
on Tommy Jordan, A.K.A Laptop
Dad, suggesting it might be a Hoax.

I now want it to be Hoax, I'm really
wishing with all my heart that it's a
Hoax, because if it's not, then I feel
so so sorry for his daughter.

To recap, people are saying it's a Hoax
because one, he would've had time to
think it over and  not make the video,
two, he wouldn't post it to facebook, three, he
wouldnt have hired lawyers to take down copies of
the video, it seems this was thought out in advance.

Also his story that, he worked two jobs, while
in High School and College at the same time, while
living on his own, and he only had a bike to get
to work seems well, false.

Then there is the issue with the Police saying
some things may or may had not been said.

So Hoax or not? I'm  hoping it is, because if
its real, what his Daughter is  going through is terrible.

So if its not a Hoax, what do we have?

IMHO, Tommy Jordan has been refused
interviews, for the sole purpose of controlling the
story, his Daughter has yet to have her say.

Tommy Jordan has made a ton of money from
adsense, sales of his books and other products.

If what is daughter says is true, she has to work
at his clinic unpaid, she has to make his bed,
she has to clean the house, work in the Garden,
and make coffee for him, 24/7, aren't there Child
Labour laws?, she has to get up at 5am and
work till 10pm, that is no life for a child.

If the above is true, then Tommy Jordan is acting like a
man of privilege and power, like a lot of
people with Power, he try's to keep his victim
down, by showing them that she has no support,
maybe he shows her his facebook page and says,
"Look no one believes you, no one supports you,
look at the TV poll", this is how bullies work
and get their power, they try to isolate their

While their victims struggle and struggle and
in the end give up.

For myself this is not a case of a bratty teenage
not wanting to do the dishes, this is a case of a
female teenager not wanting to be a slave to
a male, whether it be a family member or not.

No child should be on call  24/7 for her dad and if
she is working in his place of business, and not
being paid, then laws are being broken.

The fact that he has cut her off form everybody,
the fact that he has kept his facebook page going
and going as people congratulated him is quite
frankly sickening.

I dont care if a person is your kid or not, to
make your child wash the floors after you
had walked in with muddy boots, after they have
already washed the floors, is a power
play and quite frankly repugnant, you may say
she is lying, but we haven't heard her side of
the story yet.

Please oh please, let this be a hoax, if not, we
have one mean Dad on our hands, in fact I
don't think he deserves to be called a Dad.


lschneider said...

The worst thing I see that Tommy Jordan has done is wait until AFTER his Facebook page blew up with this, then posted a set of photos of people shooting guns, including one of his daughter. Well, that photo is now full of posts that are very rude and hateful towards Hannah. And he has left them there with no comments on her behalf or attempts to delete or block the cruel commentators, most of whom are his supporters. He's got plenty of time to continue his long posts to keep the pot stirred...and he's just enjoying all his "fame" and whatever financial gain that has given him. This says more about the type of parent he is than that stupid video, which said plenty.

Brett Dale said...

Agree 100%, he needs to take those comments down, that is terrible, his first thought should be his Daughter.

Anonymous said...

First - what exactkly is a salve? I think you meant slave learn to type. Also labor has no "u". Second you OBVIOUSLY have no teenage daughters. I have 3 and one more this year. And teenage girls can be mean, viciou,s and most of all LIARS. I believe her dad saying she has to sweep 2 floors and make her own bed and a little kitchen work. Teenage girls have exaggeration down to an art. What ever she says she has to do chore wise should be divided by 10 and reduced again by half to get close to the right amount.

Brett Dale said...

Thanks for the heads up on the spelling of Slave, with the word labour, that is how we spell it down here.

Like I said before, I really want to hear her side of the story, and wont just take the Dad's word for it, a lot of men do use power and control to show their children or sometimes wife who should be the boss.

For myself there is something about this, that is very distasteful.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot and need to get off his page. You look stupid commenting on his posts and then on your wall and then a blog. Seriously get a life

Lynne Schneider said...
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Anonymous said...

You obviously do not have the privilege of living in the South. We shoot guns, we hunt, and when our children disobey us, they get punished. Around here, you have to EARN your keep. So she has chores and works in her dad's clinic? Get over it. It's called teaching responsibility. If she can't handle it now, how in the hell does she expect to hold a job in the future?

Brett Dale said...

You dont have to humiliate your daughter in front of the whole planet to teach her a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Well obviously other methods weren't working. She'd done something similar before, as he said in the video, she was punished, and then decided to do it again. He was setting an example.

Brett Dale said...

An example by humiliating her in from the world???

That is crazy.