Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey Bar Owners, You Can Show Respect to Non Rugby Fans Also

(Update, heard from the business owners, and they were
very polite, much appreciate it)

So it's come to this has it, as a Nation in 2012, New
Zealand is at this level.

Sure this is a small gripe and with what's gone on in
New Zealand over the past 12 months, it shouldn't
matter, but small things do matter in  the big picture.

So I went to a bar last night with a friend for a meal
and to watch the cricket match between New Zealand
and South Africa, the waitress was great, the meal
was nice for a pub meal $25bucks, steak was kinda
small, but over all not bad. We then went to the Cashier,
who was great, and sat down near one of the big
screens TV to watch the cricket, there might of been
a dozen or so other people there, happily watching the

One guy came in, talked to the bar manager, and he switched
it to a Rugby Union match between Otago and Waikato,
(Im not in either of those cities BTW, far from them)

A couple of people said, "Hey we are watching the cricket", the
bar manager just walked off. Myself and my mate just
walked out, I know it's our national sport, but should
one rugby fan  be worth more than 12 fans of another
sport, is this the level we are at in this country?

I could understand if it was a test match, or we
were in the city of the two clubs playing, but
surly this was just  a case of typical  rugby
people and their attitude to another sport.

So we walked to the bar down the street, sat down,
they had the cricket on, about half a dozen people
were in there, one rather drunk guy walked in, went
to that bar manager, and she turned on the rugby,
someone said "people were watching that" she walked
off, I yelled "Seriously, ya kidding me right" and
walked out.

If this was an isolated incident, then perhaps I
would be fine with it, but it's not,  I'm sick of Rugby people
getting their way and dominating over everything
else, National game or not, this is pathetic.

The media cant wash their hands of this, promoting
this minority sport globally over everything else.

So many incidents over my life time has left me
gobsmacked, when it comes to the sport of
Rugby Union,  this was just one very small incident
that happened twice in one day.


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