Friday, February 10, 2012

Halberg's Sporting Moment Fix

Most people would agree this year the Halberg's got it

There was a very sinister element to this year's Halbergs

It was thru the fan voted, sporting moment of the year

For some reason it was leaked by the NZRFU that
the Warriors were beating their rugby team for the
award so they went to the media, and the internet
was blasted with stories that the  All Blacks (New
Zealand's rugby team) might lose to the Warriors,
so the NZRFU wanted fans to vote for The All

No other sporting body did this, IMHO it was quite
sick for a sports body that is the most powerful in
New Zealand to resort to this tactic, and for them
to have the voting information on what sports
was winning the fan vote, well surly that is morally
wrong and could be called a fix.

I would like to know if other codes had this information
and why would the media print it?

Again another low blow by those involved with Rugby
Union at other sports in this country.


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