Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Control Freaks

There is a new type of control freak, they're the ones
on the internet, the ones that call themselves writers, when
in fact they're bloggers,  they make themselves out to be
the victims, for the sole purpose of keeping any disagreement

The bloggers who moderate their blogs and don't allow any
comments other than praise, the people who make sure
their victims know, they have no support, they make
themselves out to be the hero's speaking for the
common man, if they were in radio they would be
Rush Limbaugh, television they will be Sean Hannity.

They have one goal to make as much money as
possible and to make sure they remain dominate.

They have always existed before the Internet, and
will always exist in every medium. Take a look
at Charlie Sheen everybody laughs with him, but
I'm kinda guessing we have never heard from his
victim, she never gets her side of the story out.

So to all the control freaks out there, you cant
fool everybody and you cant control everything
and the universal has a way of sorting it self out.

Karma's a bitch.

Something to think about.

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