Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Jesse Ryder, why don't you F off

Excuse my language here, but could Jesse
Ryder please just F**k off.

Could he quit New Zealand cricket and take
his rather large stomach and poor attitude
with him.

Could he please leave so we can never see him
waddle between the wickets again.

Could NewZealand cricket please stop saying one
last chance, when talking about Ryder.

Go away Ryder, please go away, my least
favorite cricket player before you, Stephen
Fleming may of had the third worst conversion
rate in cricket history, but at least he
scored some runs and was able to hide
the indiscretions.

Here's hoping this was your final match.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Office: Classic Scene

Major Changes at The Office

I think my love affair with The Office is over. It's been
a great eight seasons, but if the Rumors are true, I think
I will give season 9 and beyond a miss.

Not only is my favorite new character, Robert Calfornia
played brilliantly by James Spader saying Goodbye, but
we also say goodbye to Kelly, and what must be a huge
shock, we say goodbye to Dwight.

Yes Dwight is going, his character will still be seen in his
own spinoff, but he is leaving the office. This must make
Office fans feel numb, I just hope they do Dwight Justice
in his last episode.

The real kick in the teeth though is, who they are going
to write in as the main character, Catherine Tate, the
most unfunny person in the History of the office, what
a kick in the teeth to the fans, an what an insult to
the long term actors who's hard work has made this
show work over eight years.

I'm not sure  what they are thinking with making Catherine
Tate the centre of show, the ironic thing is, its Toby (Paul
Lieberstein) that has made the decision, and he has bought
down the Office.

I wonder what Michael would say??

Warriors Could Get 60 Thousand

That would be something. The biggest League crowd in
New Zealand history would be a heck of a way to start
a season.

A win would even be better.

Roll on the 2012 season.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Artist Wins Best Picture Oscar

Well done to The Artist for winning best picture
at the Oscars.

He's a man after all (Bret Wins)

Congrats to Bret McKenzie for winning the
Oscar for best original song. His song Man
or Muppet won over the Oscar voters.

Great speech also.

Brave Young Man

Stands up to the Unions.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey Bar Owners, You Can Show Respect to Non Rugby Fans Also

(Update, heard from the business owners, and they were
very polite, much appreciate it)

So it's come to this has it, as a Nation in 2012, New
Zealand is at this level.

Sure this is a small gripe and with what's gone on in
New Zealand over the past 12 months, it shouldn't
matter, but small things do matter in  the big picture.

So I went to a bar last night with a friend for a meal
and to watch the cricket match between New Zealand
and South Africa, the waitress was great, the meal
was nice for a pub meal $25bucks, steak was kinda
small, but over all not bad. We then went to the Cashier,
who was great, and sat down near one of the big
screens TV to watch the cricket, there might of been
a dozen or so other people there, happily watching the

One guy came in, talked to the bar manager, and he switched
it to a Rugby Union match between Otago and Waikato,
(Im not in either of those cities BTW, far from them)

A couple of people said, "Hey we are watching the cricket", the
bar manager just walked off. Myself and my mate just
walked out, I know it's our national sport, but should
one rugby fan  be worth more than 12 fans of another
sport, is this the level we are at in this country?

I could understand if it was a test match, or we
were in the city of the two clubs playing, but
surly this was just  a case of typical  rugby
people and their attitude to another sport.

So we walked to the bar down the street, sat down,
they had the cricket on, about half a dozen people
were in there, one rather drunk guy walked in, went
to that bar manager, and she turned on the rugby,
someone said "people were watching that" she walked
off, I yelled "Seriously, ya kidding me right" and
walked out.

If this was an isolated incident, then perhaps I
would be fine with it, but it's not,  I'm sick of Rugby people
getting their way and dominating over everything
else, National game or not, this is pathetic.

The media cant wash their hands of this, promoting
this minority sport globally over everything else.

So many incidents over my life time has left me
gobsmacked, when it comes to the sport of
Rugby Union,  this was just one very small incident
that happened twice in one day.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Phil Dunphy is better than most Dads

There was a scene in last night's Modern Family that
should go down in TV History, it was IMHO the best
scene ever form this iconic show.

The episode titled "Virgin Territory" was again ten out  of
ten, and the scene I'm talking about was Phil Dunphy
finding out that his daughter wasn't a virgin.

The writers could've gone the way of other cheesy
sitcoms and had a moral stance or it could've tried to
be hard hitting like some cable shows, going for ratings.

Instead they filmed what could be the most delightful, sweet
tender Dad/Daughter moment in TV History.

When Phil Dunphy was out with his daughter, he asked
her to go get a table at the food court (she was feeling awkward
knowing her dad knew) she asks "Counter or Booth",
he just softly replies, "What ever seems right to you, I trust you"
They hug, next scene has her talking head saying "I have a cool

That would mean a lot to Phil, for he has always tried to
be the cool dad.

The episode IMHO was about trust, and was well timed,
since it aired about a week or two after a real life Dad,
shot apart his daughter's laptop and has gone on to
become a successful  blogger and massive on facebook
 with the "Tough Love" approach, all the while having
ads on his page with software that lets you spy on
your kids internet use. ( some of the profits though
are going to the MDA)

(Yes I am aware that I have posted on the real
dad's  blog, using a different name, I do so,
so, I dont get spam to my inbox)

But back to Phil, he should be the poster child for
what a Dad and a Parent should be, he doesn't show
his love by being  a hardass, he wants to be part
of his daughters and sons life, and is upset if he's
not in the loop, and if  his children makes a mistake,
he doesn't make them feel like they are worst people
in the world.

The actor Ty Burrell actually bases his performance on
his late father, which makes it all the sweeter.

So thank you Modern Family for what it has to be
one of my all time favorite scenes.

The Office Review: "After Hours" 8:16

At least some story lines are coming to an end.

I mean come on now writers, we all knew that Jim
would not be tempted by Kathy. We knew that
Erin would not be tempted by Ryan and that
Ryan is a jerk.

The story lines that are going to be kept going are
Darryl  will get together with his crush, Packer will
get the VP job, and Dwight will leave the Office, which
will be the start of Ranni Wilson's new sitcom.

Basically that sums up tonight's episode, a few episodes
back I thought the writers were going to do something
special, but now it seems they are just dragging out
the inevitable.

Still it's had its funny moments, but this is the office,
I expect more.


Modern Family Review: "Virgin Territory" 3:16

The Latest Modern family episode, may of just had
my all time favorite scene, the episode titled "Virgin
Territory" revolved around secrets the family members

Two little sidestories were Cam going through the Dunphy's
household looking for borrowed tupperware, and Luke
finally getting over that Lily is now the cute one, and he is
now the bad boy.

Claire's secret was that she liked to go to a gun range, Mitchell
secret was that Jay's hole in one wasnt a hole in one, because
Mitchell had kicked the ball into the hole, Manny had a secret
crush on a girl, and Luke and Luke and Manny drove a car.

But the biggest secret of all was that, Haley isn't a virgin, and Phil
found this out. Which bought me to my favorite all time moment
of Modern Family.

Phil of course was upset by this and while out,  he asked Haley
to go get a table at the food court, she asks "counter or booth"
he replies "What ever seems right to you, I trust you"

They hug.

Next is the talking head scene with Haley and she says "I have
a cool dad" The smile and emotional on her face says it all.

The scene in the doll hospital between Phil and Haley was perfect,
it was tender without being sickly sweet, it was real,  hats
off to both actors, and once again this Modern Family
episode has to get ten out of ten.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You can take the fat out of Ryder, but you cant take out the dumb.

You can take the fat of Ryder, but you can't take
out the dumb.

Chris Donaldson did a great job getting him into
shape, and giving him the right training and diet, but
no matter how much he weighs , Ryder will always
be a dumb ass.

He cant not be relied on in the crucial moments of
a game. IMHO maybe it's time to give someone
else a go.

Again hats off to the great Chris Donaldson, but
not even Chris could change Ryder's ways.

No one could.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

13-4 (Poll Results)

The poll results are in, and it seems overwhelming that
people believe that if you make thousands of a viral video
humiliating a family member then maybe that family member
should share in the profits.

I agree.

One Year on

Thoughts and wishes to Christchurch.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tui Ad's aren't Sexist, Yeah right!

There is a debate over at the very popular blog and
always interesting site,  The Hand Mirror. The debate
consists of whether the Tui ads, who always featuring
scantily clad young females, are sexist and if they
should be banned.

The regular posters like stargazer are shining in with
comments along the lines, hey free Speech not
only applies to the Tui Ads themselves but people
against them.

I agree, but here is my problem, first off, yes the Tui
Ads are sexist, the Tui ads are dumb, they are going
for a stupid dumb young male drinking marketing,
but that is their right to do that, you have the right
to say, "Dont do this, Dont do That" but you have
no right what so ever to dictate what they can say
or do.

Free Speech applies to everybody, but if your free
speech is trying to limit others, then your not for
free speech, you are really about trying to control
people's way of thinking, like the most vile of politicans do.

To sum up, the ads may be awful, you may hate them,
but when you try and ban something, well that is
way worse than any commercial with woman in
Bikinis in.

I do this

Glad to see Im not the only one, got the picture off a
facebook page.

Jesse Ryder Slims Down

Well, I'm in two camps, I dont think
Jesse Ryder can  come back and be brilliant,
throughout the years he has shown he hasn't
had the integrity or courage to put in the work.

I do though, have so much faith in The Blackcaps
high performance trainer, Chris Donaldson, the
fastest NewZealander in our history, a speed
demon over the 100 metres, the only kiwi and
one of the few white guys to come close to breaking
the 10 second mark.

If anyone can change Ryder he can, Donaldson is
without a doubt one of New Zealand's most underrated
sportsperson, the media has never given him
the credit he deserves, like a lot of our
kiwi sprinters, he has gone under the rader.

So fingers are crossed that he has turned Ryder
from an overweight lazy batsman into

Time will tell, roll on the test series.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist

I believe man landed on the moon.

I believe the official story on 9/11

I believe Oswald Killed Kennedy.

I believe the earth is round

I believe in global warming.

I believe the earth is billions of years old.

I believe Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I believe we have to be on a watchout for the bad guys who are
ready to attack us.

So how come I'm called a conspiracy theorist?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tommy Jordan: "Laptop Dad" My Final Thoughts

(Update 2: The following has come to my 
attention, let me make it clear, I'm not
in anyway whatsoever alleging that there
has been any physical abuse, that is crazy
to even take that from one of my posts)

(Update, I have now been banned from
Tommy Jordan's facebook page, which is
quite strange, since the last post I wrote said
"I will not post or come here again, I'm kinda
guessing my posts have been deleted)

The following is just my opinion,
I present nothing as fact (Sorry
Tommy's lawyers) Some of
what I have written in this post
I have written before.

Here are my final thoughts on
Tommy Jordan, Laptop dad.

I firmly believe that 80% of what
comes out of his mouth is an outright

I believe he has such a tight control of
his daughter, that when he found out
she was talking to her friends about
him, he snapped, and like most control
freaks, he didn't decide just to get angry,
he decided to get revenge  in the most
sinister, repulsive way, by humiliating her
in front of the planet.

The only honest thing about this whole
story is that Tommy Jordan made a video
to hurt her and cause her pain.

He knew perfectly well it would go viral,
He knew perfectly well he could control the
story. He knew perfectly by controlling the
story, he could control the responses, thus
the truth wouldn't get out.

The truth IMHO is that Tommy Jordan thinks
because he is the bread winner in his family,
his daughter should be there to serve him,
this is not a case of some teenager who
doesn't want to do the dishes. This is the
case of someone who not only has to the every day
chores that everybody has to do, but has
to be unpaid Labour for a business.

On his facebook page he continues to tell
the world how successful he is, talking
about his Government Contracts, and telling
people how bad he had it as a teenager.

His fanbase is eating it up and they continue
to rip into his daughter, while Tommy Jordan
continues to let them. If questions are asked that
could put holes in his story, he bans them.

As a poster here said, in one sentence he says the
Police has never visited him, and in another he
tells his readers that they said "Kudos", and now he
is spinning another yarn, saying Police want to
use this video in high schools, what School will
let their kids watch that???

My final thoughts go out to Hannah Jordan who
must feel the world world is against her, Im sure the
Church they go to,  will be taking the father's side, along
with the family friends, teachers, neighbors, and this
is how the most sociopathic bully's work, they isolate
their victims and control the story so the victims feels
they are actually guilty and have no where to go.

So to Hannah, (not that you will ever get to read this) I
hope at least some of your teenage years is fill of what
Teenage girls are suppose to do, I hope when your
an adult you know that those in power
aren't the ones that are right, and I hope you know
things will get better.

Best wishes to her, and to Tommy Jordan, you
cant fool everybody, and you can't shut everybody
up, just because you have Lawyers.

Something to think about.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Office Review "Tallahassee" 8:15

Has Catherine Tate bought down the Office?

Worst episode ever.

I wont ever give it a review.

It's a shame since last week was a classic Office episode.

Who ever thought Catherine tate would be good for the
show, needs to be fired.

Bring back Kathy Bates.

This episode I give it 0/10 and it had the great Todd Packer
in it!

Tommy Jordan "Laptop Dad" Part 3

The following again is just my opinion,
I present nothing as fact.

I have done a couple of posts on
Tommy "Laptop Dad" Jordan, this
of course is my third.

The theme has been, is it all a Hoax?,
or is true?, I think the answer is a little
bit from column A and a little bit
from Column B.

The part of his story that he went to
High School and College at the same time,
while working two jobs and living alone
all at the age of 15 sounds false.

The part of the story when he says he didn't
know this would go viral has to be false, no
one who works in I.T would think like this.

Then his side of the story saying his daughter
only spends a few minutes a day doing chores,
sounds false also.

This blog post is not about this, it's about Tommy's
behavior and is he showing all the characteristics
of a bully and a control freak of a middle age man
in a position of power and privilege.

Some of these points, I have made before.

First off, if what his Daughter is saying is true, Tommy
thinks it's okay to have your child up at 5am and working till
ten pm around the house and also doing unpaid work at
his place of business. She is 15, if your that age
and doing unpaid work in a place of business, then
surly thats illegal, it doesn't matter if its your parents
business or not.

By continuing to go on facebook and letting strangers
comment to him, what a great parent he is, and how
his daughter is wrong, well IMHO he is asserting
control over her and trying to show her, that she
is alone, she will have no help, and his word is
Law no matter what.

Men who are bread winners in the family often
try this tactic, so basically they get their way over
and over again, its a vicious circle their victims
know they cant get out of.

Probably the most sinister part of this, is the
daughter's allegation that once she had
washed the floors, Tommy Jordan walked
back in with muddy boots and made her do
it again.

This is text book cruelty, and is usually the
behavior of controlling sociopaths, to keep
their victims again in line.

The control freak, which I believe Tommy is,
will try to put out what a great guy they are, they
will tell people about the charity work they have
done (Tommy Jordan has done this on facebook)
they will tell people about  how they work fulltime
 and out in public they will be as sweet and as nice
as they can be, its only their victims that see the
real side.

They will also be extremely  passive aggressive
towards their victims.

Shame on Fox News and Glenn Beck, shame on
the people on facebook for  egging this guy on.

Most of all shame on Tommy Jordan for doing
this, I'm sure poor Hannah will now jump when
you click your fingers for her to make you a cup
of coffee, Im sure she will spend hours at your
business giving you free Labour, and Im sure you
will make her feel guilty about anything she does.

Its just a shame that Tommy will make so much
money from this by controlling the story and not
letting the media in, and its a shame we will
never hear Hannah's side of the story.

Thoughts and wishes go out to her and the
situation that she is.

Fingers crossed it will get better for her.

(Again this post is just my opinion, I'm not making
any statement of fact)

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Hope Tommy Jordan "Laptop Dad" is a Hoax

The following is just my thoughts
on the Tommy Jordan story, I'm not
presenting anything as fact.

A couple of posts ago I did a piece
on Tommy Jordan, A.K.A Laptop
Dad, suggesting it might be a Hoax.

I now want it to be Hoax, I'm really
wishing with all my heart that it's a
Hoax, because if it's not, then I feel
so so sorry for his daughter.

To recap, people are saying it's a Hoax
because one, he would've had time to
think it over and  not make the video,
two, he wouldn't post it to facebook, three, he
wouldnt have hired lawyers to take down copies of
the video, it seems this was thought out in advance.

Also his story that, he worked two jobs, while
in High School and College at the same time, while
living on his own, and he only had a bike to get
to work seems well, false.

Then there is the issue with the Police saying
some things may or may had not been said.

So Hoax or not? I'm  hoping it is, because if
its real, what his Daughter is  going through is terrible.

So if its not a Hoax, what do we have?

IMHO, Tommy Jordan has been refused
interviews, for the sole purpose of controlling the
story, his Daughter has yet to have her say.

Tommy Jordan has made a ton of money from
adsense, sales of his books and other products.

If what is daughter says is true, she has to work
at his clinic unpaid, she has to make his bed,
she has to clean the house, work in the Garden,
and make coffee for him, 24/7, aren't there Child
Labour laws?, she has to get up at 5am and
work till 10pm, that is no life for a child.

If the above is true, then Tommy Jordan is acting like a
man of privilege and power, like a lot of
people with Power, he try's to keep his victim
down, by showing them that she has no support,
maybe he shows her his facebook page and says,
"Look no one believes you, no one supports you,
look at the TV poll", this is how bullies work
and get their power, they try to isolate their

While their victims struggle and struggle and
in the end give up.

For myself this is not a case of a bratty teenage
not wanting to do the dishes, this is a case of a
female teenager not wanting to be a slave to
a male, whether it be a family member or not.

No child should be on call  24/7 for her dad and if
she is working in his place of business, and not
being paid, then laws are being broken.

The fact that he has cut her off form everybody,
the fact that he has kept his facebook page going
and going as people congratulated him is quite
frankly sickening.

I dont care if a person is your kid or not, to
make your child wash the floors after you
had walked in with muddy boots, after they have
already washed the floors, is a power
play and quite frankly repugnant, you may say
she is lying, but we haven't heard her side of
the story yet.

Please oh please, let this be a hoax, if not, we
have one mean Dad on our hands, in fact I
don't think he deserves to be called a Dad.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modern Family: "Aunt Mommy" Review

Even if there was only line in tonight's episode, it still
would get ten out of ten.

Phil Dunphy's two little words, and the way Ty Burrell
delivered them was perfect, talking about his job as a
Real Estate agent, during the talking head segment, he
said there is a phrase for houses that are hard to sell...

"Commission Impossible"

That alone made the show worth watching, sure there
was other highlights, Lilly screaming at a picture of
a unseen baby on Mitch and Cam's computer and of
course, Phil's other big line...

"Commission Accomplished"

Basically the story line consisted of a drunk  Claire  agreeing
to donate eggs for Mitch and Cam. Of course, cooler
heads prevailed.

Hats off to the writers/ director and actors,  for
a job well done.

Once again ten out of ten for Modern Family.

Tommy Jordan Laptop Dad, a Hoax?

The debate is on, some say the Tommy
Jordan Video Story is a Hoax say some
it's true, I don't know what to believe,
lets take a look at what is out there.

Is Tommy Jordan  a liar and a fraudster
or just  a parent who has made money off of his
daughter by embarrassing her and humiliating her
in front of the world.

Lets take a look at the Fraud issue, in the video
he tells the audience that at 15 he lived on his
own, went to both High School and College,
had two jobs, and only had a bike to get

You don't have to be an Einstein to pick that
apart. He has hired Lawyers to take copies
of his video down on  youtube, he is selling
a book on amazon, and he is also selling
other profits, so we have motive.

What would be worse though is, if this
incident actually happened. He has been
telling the whole world about his daughter's
behavior for his own monetary gains, not
only did he do this with he video, but he
continues to do it on his facebook page.

This is certainly not teaching her a lesson
about building a bridge.

So Tommy Jordan is either a Fraudster trying
to make money, or a Cruel Dad trying to make
money off his daughter.

Either way he is not one to be admired or

But hey he has a huge fan base on facebook.

Didn't see that happening.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tommy Jordan, Laptop Dad

 (Update: Added a poll for public opinion)

This is parenting by embarrassment and despite all his
denial's, he did it for the wrong reason. I'm sure Tommy Jordan's
book sales will now go up.

I mean what a jackass, and he wonders why his daughter wrote 
bad things about him on facebook, I'm sure though, he will
now become a cult hero, let's hope that his daughter can get
over the embarrassment that he has caused her.

This guy posted the video on youtube, and for somereason
now think it shouldn't be public domain, I think maybe he
is thinking of the money that he can make from google
adsesne by doing this, he takes out the embedded
code people are going to make this thing viral.

Anyway back to what a jerk this guy is to his daughter,
he wont be getting a fathers day card I guess, here's
hoping he will do the right thing and give his daughter
a daddy/daughter valentine's day card.

Time will tell.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Darling, cant hide your ineptitude

Am I the only male on earth who hates it when
a woman (Outside of a relationship) calls them

In the past I have worked in several work places,
where I have been called this, I guess it's a better
catch phrase than "I'm not going to bite" but that
isn't saying much.

I've have also have had this said to me in Public.

Is it suppose to be a power thing for the female
gender to call a male, they are not in a relationship
with, Darling? Is there some point to be made?

I don't find the words, Love or Honey patronizing,
but the word Darling is seemed to be used to be

I have just moved to another city, so I'm not sure
if my next work place will be like this, I must of
had at least a dozen work places in my old city,
 where that phrase was used.

What really got me, it was mostly used by the
females in the office who were first to complain
about anything, and were not that great in their
jobs, yet they got promoted over other females.

I must say thankfully these ladies make up a very
small percentage of females that I have worked with.

So why is it that people like that in the work place
have the need to talk down to people, the way they
do and get rewarded for it?

Eileen Downey for example the repugnant manager of
the British hotel featured in the 1997 reality show, had
no manager skills whatsoever, yet she is now the
head Director  for Britannia Hotels, which
Surprise, Surprise  are in deep deep trouble.

How the heck did that happen? To succeed do
you just have to talk down to people now?

I for one cannot get my head around it.

Maybe one day things will change.

Time will tell.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Office "Special Project" Review 8:14

This is not really a review of the Office, but more of
a preview of what I think might happen in future episodes
of the Office.

It was a set up episode, the beginning of the end for some

Best episode of the season maybe? 8/10.

The episode revolved about Dwight heading up a
team to go to Florida for a new business project
for Sabre, Pam and Angela coming back, and
Darryl's love life.

But it's what might happen in the future, that I'm
going to focus on.

My Predictions.

Dwight and Jim are finally friends as Dwight leaves
the Office for a new life in Florida not just three
weeks, he will also get custody of his baby.

Jim and Pam marriage ends thanks to kathy. (Yes
I believe they are going there)

Erin also leaves the Office.

Darryl to get his girl.

Creed to finally get more than one line
per episode.

Season nine will see more Robert California
thankfully! but unfortunately will see more
Catherine Tate.

The Office will be like a real life office, people
leave, people break up, new people come in.

Will I be right or wrong?

Time will tell.

Halberg's Sporting Moment Fix

Most people would agree this year the Halberg's got it

There was a very sinister element to this year's Halbergs

It was thru the fan voted, sporting moment of the year

For some reason it was leaked by the NZRFU that
the Warriors were beating their rugby team for the
award so they went to the media, and the internet
was blasted with stories that the  All Blacks (New
Zealand's rugby team) might lose to the Warriors,
so the NZRFU wanted fans to vote for The All

No other sporting body did this, IMHO it was quite
sick for a sports body that is the most powerful in
New Zealand to resort to this tactic, and for them
to have the voting information on what sports
was winning the fan vote, well surly that is morally
wrong and could be called a fix.

I would like to know if other codes had this information
and why would the media print it?

Again another low blow by those involved with Rugby
Union at other sports in this country.


Modern Family Review: "Me? Jealous?" 3:14

Heck Modern Family, I might as well just copy and
paste, Ten out of Ten for my reviews of your episodes.

Once again Modern Family has proven to be the best show
on television by far, with it's latest episode titled Me? Jealous?

The three story lines revolved around Jay making Lawyer jokes
to Mitch, Haley entering the big sister programme, and Phil
trying to impress his new boss with Clara thinking the
boss was coming on to her.

Thought it was great, that Haley had written on her
C.V  Big Sister as a job.  The scene in the kitchen
with Gloria and Cam was very sweet, hovering  around
to music after they had made up, and of course it was
Kinda sweet that Mitch got Jay's idol to play  a
prank on him.

The scenes with Manny trying to patch things up
with people, and Haley and Alex turning Luke
into Betty Luke were funny, but the strongest
scenes in the episode.

Once again it fell to the Great Ty Burrell, and his
performance as Phil, with what maybe the line of
the season during his talking head moment.

He first said "Only I can take my wife to bed and
make her laugh" he then got a funny look on his face
and said "Only I can take my wife to bed, comma,
and make her laugh"

Again ten out of ten to Modern Family.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take out the word "JUST"

And you have the correct headline.

Happy 50th Belated Birthday Garth Brooks

Happy 50th Birthday (Belated) Garth Brooks.

Here's hoping another 50 years for you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


Tom Brady came so so so close. I actually yelled
TOUCHDOWN, thinking it was caught, but alas
the New York Giants, battered away the last second

So the New York Giants win the superbowl over the
New England Patriots 21-17.

Awesome game, very close indeed, and now does Eli
Manning get talked about the same way that Peyton Manning
and Tom Brady does?

I say yes.

I just gotta feel for Tom Brady, it came so close to be
caught, and history, I guess History is made up of

Great game, this is why the SuperBowl is the second
most watched sports event on the face of the planet
behind the Football world cup.

Roll on Next season.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This is not Photoshopped

Both Shark and Human survived.

Super Bowl Prediction

This Super bowl will have the biggest worldwide
TV ratings, apart from Football world cup in

Giants Versus Patriots.

Has to be the Pats, Tom Brady is just too good.

The man who always celebrates by listening to
Garth Brooks's Friends in Low Places, will have
friends all over world, come the end of the game.

I really think he is going to own this super bowl
like no quaterback has before.

Pats by 12+.

Will I be right in my prediction?

Time will tell.

TeMana has No Mana

The TeMana party of New Zealand has no Mana, they seem to
think people, should show them honor and respect, without them
having to do the same.

What more do you expect from a party full of Racists like John
Minto, Sue Bradford and Annette Skyes, people who were
sick enough to either celebrate or deny 9/11, other members
of this group are hard line Unionists who want violence against
non Union members or people who speak out against Unions.

They also have former members of the New Zealand
Communist party and Socialist party as their members.

Wikitana Popata is one of their leading protesters, a man
who is part of one of New Zealand's richest families thanks
to treaty settlements, like his Uncle Hone Harawiri the head
of Te Mana he is in a position of privilege, yet likes to make
out that he is hard done by.

Their treatment of people who disagree with them is disgusting,
their lack of respect for the Prime Minster is repulsive and
the lack of respect for other races is repugnant.

What they did today was embarrassing and no one should
give them any respect because they don't deserve it.

I tend to think though, their will be some first year Varsity
students who are taught by Professors who have never
travelled outside New Zealand, who think TeMana
speak for the little guy, they don't, they speak
for their own rich extended family, preying on
the poor.

Here's hoping Prime Minister Key will lead with
Dignity, like he has always done.

Wikitana Popata and Hone could learn some
lessons from the leader of our country.