Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Which Way Should I take this Blog?

I Have been blogging for four straight
years, I started in January 2008, this
will be my fifth year of blogging.

I started this blog, because I saw a
hypocrisy in the New Zealand
sporting media, and well basically just
wanted to rant about it.

Over three years of blogging? I have
done posts on Sports/politics/Music/
other bloggers/ hypocrisy/ entertainment
issues/social issues, etc etc etc.

In other words, this blog has gone off
in different directions, I have tried to get
the numbers of traffic to increase to this
blog, (If any blogger says they don't care
about traffic to their blog, they are lying).

It's always remain the same, around 50-100
hits a day.

So where to next? I'm not sure, I guess, while
I like it doing, I will keep doing it, if there is
a case of a Journo being a hypocrite, I will
try and call them up on it, if one of my fav
sporting teams does something great, I will
post about it, I also will do reviews of Modern
Family and The office.

For 2012 I hoping it does go on to better thing,
my writing, spelling and grammer will be the same,
so spelling police, stay at home.

Anyway, here's hoping I mean actually write something

Time will tell.

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