Friday, January 27, 2012

Well Done to the shareholders of Crafar Farms

Well done to all those that bought shares in
Crafar Farms, (I wish I was one of them) With
the Government rightfully approving  the sale to
a Chinese company, many Kiwis are now better
off, shame on those who tried to stop this, shame
on those people who wanted a cheaper deal for
them at the expensive of the small kiwi shareholders
who invested their money.

I remembered of the racist hate that Helen Clarke
poured out to the NZ public so she could stop
the sale of Auckland International Airport, costing
ten thousand kiwis a ton of money.

Thankfully the National government didn't stop this
sale, unlike the Labour government with the  airport.

A word to those who scream out "It belongs to the people,
it belong to me"

No it fuckin doesn't it belongs to the kiwis who took their
time and money, not some piece of crap, who have
never taken the risk to make things better, but would
stand on the sidelines, telling people who they can or cannot sell

Well done to the small shareholders, enjoy your rewards.


Anonymous said...

you are an idiot

Crafar Farms had Secured Creditors (Westpac, Rabobank, PGG Wrightsons) of 259 Million and unsecured creditors ( Trucking Companies, Vets and Animal Health Specialists, you know, the little contractors and suppliers who employ thousands of people around New Zealand)of 3 Million dollars.

The Receivers would have accepted a deal worth 210 million , which means theres a shortfall of almost 50 million dollars.

Now tell me why you congratulated the shareholders of Crafar Farms, they get nothing, anyhow, the Crafar Farms Shareholders are responsible for all this mess.

You are an idiot

Brett Dale said...

Actually they do, just like the holders of auckland airport would've if Helen Clarke didn't stop the deal.

Anonymous said...

Tell me how when your business is owing 261 million dollars, it gets 210 million dollars, does the shareholders get refunded ?

Brett Dale said...

The shareholders enjoy the profits once the share price goes up thanks to the company that owns it.

Anonymous said...

So you really dont understand why the Farms are being sold then do you ?

Crafar Farms are in Liquidation

Crafar Farms are in the process of no longer existing

Crafar Farms is not a Listed Company

Crafar Farms owe 261 Million Dollars

The Shareholders ( all four of them ) owe 1 Million Dollars to Crafar Farms.

Penguix pay $210 Million for the Farms ( the only assets that Crafar Farms own)

Westpac, Rabobank and PGG Wrightsons are out of pocket by 50 Million Dollars

The Creditors of Crafar Farms get nothing

The Shareholders of Crafar Farms get nothing and it is likely that the Shareholders Trusts will be wound up.

All this information is publically available at the Companies Office, theres no secrets.

now tell me where your Financial Wizardry came from ?

Brett Dale said...

Why are people being racist agaisnt the Chinese, what do you think the Chinese are going to do, Mr Anonymous.