Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trade me Tattoo

I know nothing about Tattoo's, no idea
why people will get them, and why they
go through pain to have them. Apparently
it's a personal thing/cultural thing/religious thing/
drunk thing.

Tina Beznec aged 23, says she is doing it for charity
and some extra money for herself,  she has started a trade
 me auction and will get a tattoo on her ass, and the highest
 bidder can decided what the tattoo will be, the bid is up to

Who the heck will bid in this? would they get off on it?,
 what say the highest bidder wants her to get a Tattoo
 of  Don Knotts giving a reach around to Tom Bosley?

I'm guessing she will make a mint for chairty and a
bit for herself.

(Update, I have been informed that she is employed 
and will go through with it, thus I have altered this
post, I have also been informed that she is one heck
of a lady, so the best of luck to her)


Anonymous said...

you have never meet her I'm guessing?

Get all your facts before you post...

she has a job

she wanted to do it for charity and to make a bit of extra coin and for a laugh, she will do it i have known her a long time and she is one of the most positive bubbly fun people i have ever meet and never goes back on what she has said she will do trust me on that.

Brett Dale said...

Hi there, no I have never meet her, but will change the post to say she has a job and will give some of the money to charity, thought she was unemployed, thanks for clearing this up.