Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stephen King Review: "11.22.63"


Not a lot of Spoilers, I dont want to give anything

I have just finished Stephen King's new novel

This is Mr King's first book about time travel and
revolves a man going back into time to stop the
Kennedy assassination.

For myself that was just a substory, the real adventure
in the book are once agin the minor characters, "Hoptoad
Harry" "Deke" and of course "Sadie"

These are all people the main character Deke meets along his
way, you see, he just cant go back in time to 1963, he has to go back
to 1958 first, (where's a delorean when you need one)

He meets people on his way and wants to alter their
history too, and of course he wont take care of
Oswald until he is sure he was the lone assassin.

Anyway, if you loved Wireman from his previous
books, you will love Deke, you will also root for
Harry, and Sadie just might as well be the best
female he has ever written.

The book is ten out of ten, lots of substories that
make you forget about the main one.

A must read.


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